Month: April 2018

  • The beginner's guide to the cloud + the cloud storage for you

    The beginner’s guide to the cloud + the cloud storage for you

    Not too many years ago, most of the world’s internet connections were very slow. Only being able to provide each user with a small share of bandwidth, service providers have had to be very competitive to increase their speeds to what is around today, and this has opened the doors to a new way to use your computer. For businesses, cloud technologies are very exciting. Promising to save time, money, and to enable seamless work from machine to machine, it’s easy to see why so many people are jumping onto this sort of trend. (more…)

  • How to save for a house deposit as a first time buyer

    How to save for a house deposit as a first time buyer / Moving Series

    Get married – buy a house – have kids – live happily ever after. For many young couples that’s the dream. But, it’s not so easy to achieve these days. In fact, just the thought of saving a deposit for a mortgage is enough to put many young people off the idea of buying a home entirely. But, does it have to be so impossible? Here are some tips that could help you reach your financial goals. (more…)

  • The simple guide to wise & safe city travel

    The simple guide to wise & safe city travel

    Traveling around a city can be a fun, leisurely experience, a hurried commute, or a stressful navigation. There are many methods to traveling in a city, and many options available to you. Public transport abounds, as does the use of sidewalks, bike lanes, and roads. However, we all learn very quickly that the population density found in cities can sometimes be difficult to cope with. Travelling could become something that would otherwise be a pleasant time of transit at a time you need to exercise your full powers of concentration to get through.

    On top of that, caring for your safety first is one of the wisest considerations to think. Sometimes getting to your destination a little later to ensure this can be more than worth the effort. Even the most experienced and street-wise person can learn a thing or two from brushing up on their safety habits when traveling in a populated area. For the traveler entering new cities and learning new environments, safety tips are absolutely essential.

    To learn and know these, bloat will give the opposite intended effect. Practical city dwelling tips must be fast, easy to remember and possible to apply without much practical thought. For that reason we have compiled a small guide to wise and safe city travel, and it is as follows: (more…)

  • A step by step plan to getting out of the debt spiral

    A step by step plan to getting out of the debt spiral

    The trouble with debt is that it tends to accumulate without you even realizing. One day you’re putting something on a credit card without giving it a second thought, the next you’re opening letters asking for loan repayments or struggling to pay bills. Once you get to a point when you’re reliant on credit, or you find yourself running out of money before payday arrives, it’s very easy to fall into a debt spiral. If you owe money, it is possible to move from the red to the black. Here are some tips that may prove useful. (more…)

  • Early retirement, is it possible before 40? With a mini retirement it is!

    Early retirement, is it possible before 40? With a mini retirement it is!

    The idea of a “mini-retirement” was first made popular by Tim Ferriss’ in his New York Times bestselling book; the 4 Hour Work Week.  This book, despite its title, doesn’t encourage people to just work four hours a week.  It’s all about changing their paradigm from one of being a wage slave where more is better, to focus on how to propagate “quality of life” in the sense of having both the time and money to be “free”.

    Make sure you read my Beginner’s Guide To F.I.R.E (Financial Independent Retire Early)

    One of the core concepts, suggests people should take a mini-retirement at regular intervals throughout their career and explore the world in their twenties, thirties and forties rather than use up the best years of their life working for someone else, feeling exhausted the whole time, barely able to squeeze much juice out of life!

    Once upon a time, the vast majority of people subscribed to something known as the 40×40 Plan, which referred to the fact people would get an education then work for forty hours a week for forty years of their life then retire on 40% of their salary.

    It was at this point that people would finally begin to travel and explore the world and squeeze the most out of life, but think about that for a second.  At sixty fives years old people have very different levels of health, fitness, and vitality than they did in their twenties – thus people aren’t always able to pursue the activities on their bucket list if they wait until retirement.

    There’s also the sobering realization that not everyone makes it to retirement.  What if you spend your whole life working, thinking that tomorrow will be better, only for tomorrow to be taken from you prematurely.

    Today, many people are looking for ways to squeeze the most out of their lives, particularly with regard to travel, as young as possible, and one of the best ways to do this is to take regular mini-retirements.

    The emphasis today appears to have shifted from amassing great wealth to creating a “freedom lifestyle”.  

    In today’s flourishing digital economy the opportunity to work remotely, from anywhere in the world, providing you have a laptop and a decent internet connection is in abundance.  For many people, “living the dream” no longer features a corner office, fancy title, and fast car parked in their garage – it’s more akin to jetting off to an exotic location and working from their laptop on a beach whilst drinking from a fresh coconut.

    The idea of mini-retirements was first introduced by Tim Ferriss in his New York Times bestselling book, but since then the concept has peaked the interest of bloggers, freelancers and digital nomads alike.  This article digs deeper into the idea of mini-retirements and looks at some of the destination choices you might want to consider.