Nobody has the perfect home – it’s impossible to find a house that ticks every single box. So, when you think about selling your home, you need to keep that in mind. There will be little elements here and there that some people don’t like or aren’t that sure of. But, that doesn’t mean your home won’t still fetch a very good price that’s close to what you’re asking. Buyers know that the majority of homes will need some touching up once they’ve been bought!

Nevertheless, there could be parts of your house that are dealbreakers. What I mean is that nobody will want to buy your house because of these things. So, before you sell, be sure to check that you don’t have any of these dealbreakers in your house: 

Leaky roof with water damage

Every home needs a roof, and you can’t expect to sell yours if the roof constantly leaks. You may be able to hide this on a dry day, but the signs of constant leakage will show through water damage in your attic. It’s a dealbreaker because nobody wants to inherit a home that might need a brand new roof alongside extensive water damage repair. As such, try to rectify the problem as much as possible. A lot of leaks stem from soffit and fascia damages, which means repairing these things can help tighten your roof up. Clean up any water damage, then your home is ready to be sold. 

Outrageously old windows

Old windows can be a massive put off for so many homebuyers. For one, outrageously old windows can be made of ancient materials and have very thin panes of glass. This means that they’ve been worn downloads, and the thin glass combines with this to make them very inefficient. So, potential buyers know that all the windows will need replacing before they move in. Not only can this be costly, but it’s really inconvenient as it delays their moving in date. Secondly, old windows are just plain unattractive. This alone can be enough to put people off your home!

Significant structural damage

A little bit of wear and tear around a house is expected. Especially if your home is old and has had multiple owners. Some chips or minor cracks in the walls won’t dissuade people from buying your house. However, significant structural damages will keep people away. I’m talking about issues that affect the structural integrity of your home. In essence, if they’re left unattended, then walls could fall down or you put people at risk. These are dealbreakers because buyers will take responsibility for fixing the issues. Again, they have to do it before they move in, and it can take ages. Not to mention the fact that they may have to knock down parts of your home to make it structurally sound. It’s too much, and nobody will want to take on this job. 

If your home possesses any of these dealbreakers, then you will be waiting a very long time before anyone even chooses to look at your home. So, try and do some damage control to fix as many of these problems as you can – or to at least make them less significant. 

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