There is much you can do to improve your career chances while you’re working, of course. You can over-deliver on the projects you have been given, work overtime when your boss asks you to, and excel in every area of your job description. By taking such steps, you will increase your chances of a promotion, and if you ever do decide to move on to a new job, you should get an excellent reference to back up your application.

However, there is much you can do in your free time to improve your career chances too. Here are just a few of the ways you can do it. 

#1: Educate yourself

Your boss won’t always sign you up for professional courses, so the onus sometimes needs to be on you. If this means you have to complete a course in your spare time, then so be it. So, consider your career path and the qualifications that are important for moving forward. Then book yourself onto the relevant courses, be they online or at your local college or community center. Consider the day courses and workshops that will improve your education and your resume too, and enrol onto them. Click here for one example useful to those looking for a basic Revenue Accounting understanding. And then continue your learning in other ways, be that through reading books, industry journals, or listening to the relevant podcasts. 

#2: Volunteer your time

If you have a passion for a local charity, regardless of how closely affiliated it is to your career, consider volunteering your time. You will then showcase your capacity to care for others to any future employer, and you will showcase a stronger work ethic too. You should also pick up a few job-related skills during your voluntary work, and these should stand you in good stead for a range of positions or promotional opportunities. Of course, if you can find voluntary work that sits alongside your career plan, then you should definitely consider signing up for something. You will do much to improve your resume this way, and the experience you will have gained should be valued by any future employer. 

#3: Care for your life

Self-care is important, not only for yourself but for when you’re presenting yourself to others. Finding ways to give up your addictions, for example, should be something you prioritize, as they won’t then get in the way of your career goals. You should also find ways to care for your mental health, as a more confident state will help you stand out in interviews and in your current workplace. And as we discussed in the following linked article, there are other ways to improve your life, each one of which will improve your mindset and make you more appealing to others. 


Use your free time wisely, as your efforts to improve your career chances will reflect well on you to others. Follow our suggestions then, and consider other things you might do in your spare time to move forward on your chosen career path. 

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