It seems that in the US many people earning a good living still run out of money by the end of the month and are waiting for their next paycheck. It is a common problem, but it seems that one issue that Americans have is that they love to eat out. Percentage-wise, lower paid workers spend as much on eating out as higher earners, and stopping doing this quite so often is just one way of saving some money.

Plan Meals For The Week Ahead

You could start by planning your meals for the week ahead. Opt for fresh and healthy foods to make them more appetizing. You can even make some of them at the weekend and freeze them for in the week. This gets over the problem of buying expensive processed foods, which are not so good for you anyway.

There are lots of quick and simple recipes online to help you achieve this.

Consider What Debts You Have

Make a list of all the debts you have to pay every month. See if you can reduce the payments on any of them or look at debt consolidation to reduce your monthly outlay. Targeting your debts, especially credit cards can save you a lot of money. A bank loan, for instance, to clear them would be for a fixed amount for a set period, and a much better deal.

Open A Savings Account

Open a savings account and start to put a little in it every month. Then when you need extra cash for some you will not have to resort to using credit cards again. You may be surprised by how quickly your savings will build, and having some money behind you in case of emergency can help you feel much more satisfied with your finances. Saving can also become a really good habit that makes you think twice about wasting money.

If You Can Walk, Do So

Do not get the car out for every little trip. If you can walk the children to school then do so, for instance. It is healthier for you and them and will save you money on fuel. Walk to work, to the shops and anywhere else that is not too much of a distance and you will save so much money you will be amazed.  Not only will you be physically healthier but exercise is good for your mental health too.

Use Public Transport

Another way to reduce the cost of running your car is to use public transport when you can. Train and bus services in the US are good compared to many other countries and it is very rare they will let you down.

Only Spend What You Need To

Avoid impulse buying, as then you will spend more money than you need to. If you see something you think you want, leave it for a couple of days and see if you still feel the same.

In the supermarkets, don’t be fooled into buying a second product at half price, if the second one is likely to end up in the trash.

Just take care of your money if you want to have more in your pockets at the end of the month.

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