It’s time to go to the beginning! There’s a question that I have never addressed, and that’s: What is PR and how can Free Publicity help me grow my business or blog? 

When you work in PR you get this question a lot: so WHAT do you do exactly? Is it like Samantha from SATC just sitting behind a fancy desk, enjoying the postman and going to party’s all night? 

What is PR? 

Let me explain: although I’ve never really worked at a PR firm, I do work with PR firms a lot since I’ve been blogging for so long. The thing I did was more PR/Communications/Marketing at a company. But people asked me these questions anyways!

The answer? The first part not so much, but the second part yes, but that’s not what you’re paid for and to be honest it’s not really fun to host one of the best party’s of the year and stand at the door all night with people trying to sneak into the party or read off your guest list haha. The better end is when you get invited to these party’s and that’s what we’re gonna try here. People need to know who you are and what you do. And that’s where PR jumps in. PR is the communications between an organization and its publics. Free publicity, is a part of PR. It’s how to get your business in the press, for free. Free publicity. 

How can Free Publicity or PR help me grow my business or blog?

Free publicity and PR will help you grow your business. Your business or blog, but also you as a person. You’ll become the go-to person in your niche. After your first interview, you can expect more interviews. Expect more sales, followers, and freedom. If people can find you,  you don’t have to hustle for every single sale or client.

If you want to learn more about PR and free publicity and how to get started today, check out my online courses because I have three courses about the subject, one of them a Crash Course to get you started!

So if you wouldn’t mind seeing your face in your favorite magazine with an amazing interview about your business or blog, start with PR!

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