Is your bathroom merely a functional space in your home, and would you like it to be an oasis of luxury and calm? Well, you have come to the right place because in my post below you will discover six strategies that will raise your bathroom space from being bog standard to bellissimo. Read on to find out what they are.

Keeping it clean

The first strategy that you can use to boost the look and feel of any bathroom is keeping it as clean as possible. After all, if you tiles, bath sink, and even floor are clean, it just feels much more pleasant to spend time there.

Sadly, we often associate having a cleaner bathroom with having to do a lot more work, as this space can often be one of the most difficult to take care of in the entire house. What with all that soap scum on the shower guard, limescale in the loo, and mould in the grouting.


Luckily, many of these issues can be minimized if you consider them during the creation and decoration of your bathroom area. In fact, using larger tiles, so the need for grouting is reduced is one way to ensure that your regular cleans are quick and easy.

Another tactic is to install a washable shower curtain rather than a glass screen, as it is much easier just to pop this off an put it in the washing machine than spend hours on end scrubbing.

Additionally, using low profile suites where items like sinks and toilets float on the wall and have much for their bulk hidden can make your bathroom space much easier to keep clean as well. Happily, the also look pretty good too, so choosing these type of fitting for your bathroom is really a win-win situation.

Everything’s all white

Flick through any interior design magazine, and there is one thing that you will start to notice about many of the bathrooms that grace their pages. It is the fact that the dominant color in any bathroom scheme is white.

That means white walls and tiles, and a white suite. Many even carry this color scheme through to the linens and textiles as well. Of course, you are probably wondering why white is such a popular color in the most high end and desirable for bathrooms? Well, it is because it does two main things.

The first is to make the room seem as clean as possible, which as we know from the section above, is crucial when looking to create a pleasing bathroom space. The second thing that an all-white bathroom does is reflect the light and make it seem like a brighter space. This being particularly important because most bathrooms have smaller, frosted windows and so can appear dark and enclosed.

Of course, don’t feel as if you have to follow this decorating scheme to a tee if you’d rather not. In fact, using bright white along with another accent color can work very well too.

Invest in a luxurious tub

There is nothing that will elevate your bathroom space as quickly as installing a really good quality tub. I’m not talking built-in bathtubs here either, but sunken ones, ones made from stone, or even clawfoot tubs. The latter being the height of opulence.

Happily, you’ll likely be amazed at how reasonably a decent tub like the ones available from thetubconnection are priced. Something that means you can introduce a little elegance into your bathroom space without breaking the bank.


To get the lighting in your bathroom right takes considerable more effort than it is in the rest of the house. This is due to several different reasons.

The first is that there is only one light installed in a bathroom, and usually this in the middle of the room. This can make adjusting the brightness of the space particularly tricky because you really only ever get the choice between lights on and lights off.

Another hurdle to overcome is that the bathroom is the amount of water, condensation, and water vapor that any electrical fitting such as a light has to deal with. Something that can make changing the light fitting that you have incredibly difficult. After all, electricity and water rarely play well together unless installed by a professional.

What all of this means is that it can be tough to change the lighting facilities that your bathroom already has to something else. Happily, you can achieve an elevated yet straightforward look by surrounding the tub with candles and then lighting them when you want to indulge in a relaxing soak.


While it is convenient to have all of your toiletry products to hand when you take a bath or shower, storing them out on the side can make your bathroom seem cluttered and untidy. Instead, it is much wiser to ensure that you have enough storage in your space to keep things away, and only bring them out when they need to be used. You can even use a small trug to ensure you have everything to hand when you need it and that it can be packed away easily after use.



There is another added benefit to doing thing this way as well, and it’s that toiletry bottles kept out for a long time, in a damp atmosphere attract mould and dust. Both things that can make your bathroom seem unpleasant. Therefore by preventing this from happening, you can quickly elevate the feel of your bathroom with little effort and cost involved.

Textile picks & care

To elevate your bathroom space, you need to boost your experience of it, as well as the way it looks. That is why it is crucial to ensure you have excellent linens and textiles. That means if you are currently shredding your skin on dry and rough towels every time you get out of the shower, it’s time to stop.

Instead invest in some soft, thick ply towels that envelope you in warmth when you are done bathing. Be sure to keep them this way as well by washing regularly and adding a little baking soda to the wash instead of using fabric softener. Then you will have towels fit for a king, and this will undoubtedly help to elevate your bathroom experience.


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