If things are a little tight and money is stretched in your business, then there are always cuts to be made on costs. Who doesn’t want more money, and if making more isn’t an option right now, then spending less may be the way to go. When you look at the things you spend your money on, sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective to look at where things are going and what other options are there. Before you get someone else in though, have a look at this list and see if there are some obvious ways you can cut costs that perhaps you just hadn’t thought of. 

Lower Your Office Space Costs

As more and more people want to work flexible hours or work from home, perhaps you don’t need as big an office space as you have now? Co-working offices could be an option for you, or your staff could work remotely? In addition to savings on office space operating your business from home can save you money on insurance, business taxes, and utilities. 


Some jobs don’t need someone sat at a desk all day, every day. So when it comes to your accounts, your social media or your IT, then outsourcing can save you a lot of money. Check out https://www.singlepointglobal.com/services/managed-it/ to find out more about outsourcing your IT requirements. 

Cut Staffing Costs

If your business has slow periods, why not look at ways to reduce staffing costs? Nowadays, as part of getting more of a healthier work-life balance, some employees are happy to take unpaid time off. Discuss it with them, and you may be pleasantly surprised. If you have a small business, use family members wherever possible, is there someone who can do the admin for you? If you have children who are old enough then working for you could be a great experience for them and a real help to you. 

Use Technology

Technology allows you to save money and advance your business in ways that weren’t possible even just five years ago. From teleconference services, online payment services and remote desktop applications, there are many ways you can reduce business costs with technology.

Go Paperless

Paper, ink, envelopes and stamps may seem minimal at times, but these things can add up to a significant business expense. Going paperless and not printing unless absolutely necessary can help you reduce some of the most common recurring business costs.

Market Your Business Online

If you’re not marketing your business online yet, then you are missing out on the potential of fast-paced, low-cost and high-result marketing. Start off writing a business blog, then make sure you’re making the most of social media marketing or other online advertising.

Use Free Software

You can significantly reduce your business costs by only purchasing the software you really need. But also check out the free software available; there are some excellent programmes out there now, so do your research.

Buy Refurbished Equipment

Buying brand new retail-priced equipment can be very expensive, but you can reduce the cost significantly by buying refurbished furniture and equipment that is often as good as brand new.

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