There is no better time of the year to invest in your self-development and business than November. November is basically December so basically the new year right? So it’s time to make some new year’s plans and think further than the everyday bits and bobs. 

Self-improvement + new year’s resolutions

Are you where you want to be? Start thinking about your self-improvement right now, and you’re ready at the end of December. Too many people start thinking about their new year’s resolutions too late (read January 5th) to make it really work. November is the right time. You don’t have to get serious yet, just play with some ideas in your head!

Thanksgiving + Black Friday & Cyber Monday

And of course, for Americans, it’s also a time to reflect. What are the things that you’re thankful for? And the day after it’s immediately time to shop the best Black Friday deals and this is where the business investments come in. It’s smart to shop your new IT investments during Black Friday sales, and this is something people around the world can benefit from, as many web shops host a Cyber Monday… the best time to invest in that marketing program or a new microphone. Keep an eye on this blog this week to be in the know about the best deals for your business + self-improvement deals!


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