Technology is an amazing thing. Since the start of the 20th-century technology has seen a jump start and with every discovery, we have seen exponential growth in the potential of our world. 

We’ve seen complex AI systems capable of thinking, deep learning gpu servers, and even hoverboards taking over the world. We are able to hold the world in our pockets in the form of a small rectangle and still we are on the verge of a whole new age of technological advancement. 

Today I want to take a look at some of the most amazing technologies that will be developed very soon, so whether you are a digital nomad or a technology guru, you’ll be able to spread some fun facts with your friends and family this year. 

There will be flying cars in Japan sooner than you think.

That’s right, Back To The Future may have been a few years early on the hovercrafts, but in 2020 drone taxis will be mass-produced in Tokyo. 

Residential areas will be 3D Printed

3D printers are a magical invention. Not only do they allow us to make important components for machinery and a copy of ourselves in plastic, but they can also create our homes. At present, poorer countries in South America looks to be the focus of creating 3D printed homes. 

Clothes for every weather

There’s nothing worse than dressing for sun and getting caught in a rainstorm, but this will soon no longer be a problem. Scientists around the world are exploring ways to make clothes that detect temperature changes and provide insulation when it becomes cold. You’ll soon be ready for all weather all the time. 

EVEN smaller data storage units

There is a running joke that every iPhone that is released gets bigger and bigger to support its features… but in most cases technology gets smaller and more portable. There will now be a tiny glass disc capable of holding 360 terabytes of data. 

Robot models

Runways will be a thing of the past soon and models will no longer be needed to show off the latest fashion. Instead, drones are going to be used to show off style. Dolce & Gabbana have already used drones in a modeling show and this trend will continue.


Yes. You read that right. Soon, no more waiting for the delivery driver to get to your door with a less than hot pie… now you’ll be able to 3D print your own pizza with all the toppings you love

Play video games at The Dallas International Airport

There are video game lounges in this airport that will allow you to wait in style, and if your plane is canceled it is the perfect excuse to go for another round or two on your favorite game! 

Blind people will be able to see art with gloves

In 2018, a Prague art exhibition launched in virtual reality that allowed blind people and visually impaired people to enjoy the artwork. This will be a concept brought around the world in the coming years. 


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