If you’re an entrepreneur, and you’re thinking of starting your own business, but don’t have the funds and/or location resources to suit you, you don’t have to worry. Or maybe you’re new to the freelancing world and want to feel a little more professional! Either way, now’s your chance to do some research into everything that’s possible for you. After all, the more you know about the rights and responsibilities of a self employed person like you, the better. So, without further ado, here are a few things to look into if you’re running a business from home and feel like you need a better, more professional address to conduct your affairs from. Even if it’s just for privacy reasons, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to change things up a bit! 

Use a PO Box

A PO box makes sure all of your business related mail makes it to the same location, and never gets messed up with any other mail that’ll be posted through your door. When you get a pizza leaflet, a water bill, a charity donation bag, something from the tax man, and a letter from a customer all coming through the letterbox at once, who knows when you’ll get around to answering that business related query? 

Set Up A Professional Phone Line

A professional phone line is something that’ll save your mobile battery, and will ensure that you’ve got the right voicemail for professional clients and investors alike to listen to! There’s no chance someone who wants to bring a bit of custom to your door hearing something embarrassing when you’ve got a professional phone line to rely on. 

You don’t even need to buy another phone, and take out a separate (and very expensive!) contact. If you’ve got a computer in front of you, you can entail the services of a company like VTech Support, Inc to set up a VoIP line for you. This way you can take any and all calls through your computer, to ensure all of your business is kept in one place, and that your phone line is always accessible to anyone who needs it. 

Rent a Parking Space Nearby

This is for those who like to invite people around for meetings, and hold conferences within their own dwelling. Because if there’s little to no room outside your house for someone to park their car, you might have to move your own. 

But where to? Well, if you can rent a garage or parking space nearby, you won’t have any trouble making a good impression on a potential investor or new client you’ve been trying to score for a good while now!

If you’re worried about your lack of professional address, or you’re worried your home business doesn’t carry the same amount of legitimacy one on the street does, now’s the time to change things for peace of mind.

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