Have you ever wondered how cute clothes from some brands can be so cheap? Many companies focus on providing fast fashion to consumers, and chances are, you have plenty of it in your wardrobe right now. 

Fast fashion implies the streamlining of production to get the cheapest clothes to racks at the quickest rates. People keep returning to these fast fashion stores to follow fashion trends, and this means that the clothing they buy often ends up being thrown on landfills because they just keep on buying it. New and trendy pieces end up in stores each week, but this isn’t a good thing.

Fast fashion is actually terrible for the environment due to the sheer amount that ends up on landfills. Plus, clothes are hurriedly made in large volumes, resulting in the terrible quality – so you end up needing to buy more often. 

There are many other reasons for not buying into fast fashion too, such as:

  • The pay and conditions that some workers must put up with – fast fashion exploits workers 
  • It can cost you more in the long run as you need to replace pieces that fall apart
  • The more you buy into fast fashion, the more you think differently about clothes -you don’t invest much in it monetarily or emotionally, it’s just to fill a gap

When you avoid fast fashion, you can fill your wardrobe with high-quality items that last, and actually, love what you wear. 

What Can You Do About Fast Fashion?

There are a number of things you can do to combat fast fashion. This includes:

Buying From Handmade/Smaller Companies

Look into smaller and even handmade clothing companies you can buy from, and know which companies to avoid. You want to shop from high quality brands that are transparent about their manufacturing process and labor standards. You can also buy second hand on sites like Depop! 

Avoid Buying Fakes 

Don’t buy fake designer items. Counterfeit handbags and similar items actually have a darker background than you probably realize. 

Look After Your Clothes 

When you buy clothes, look after them. Don’t treat them like they are disposable. 

Buy Clothes You Know You Can Mix And Match

You should be wearing these pieces more than once, which means you need to be able to mix and match them with different pieces. Weigh up the cost per wear (estimating how often you’ll wear it or how long you’ll keep it) and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Figure out your personal style, too – this will mean avoiding clothing that you won’t wear. 

Sell Your Clothes On When You’re Done With Them

Don’t throw clothes away. Sell them on using sites like Depop or Poshmark, or give them to somebody you know will give it a good home. Social media can even be a good selling site these days. 

Create A Capsule Wardrobe So You Don’t Feel The Need To Keep Buying 

Put together a simplified ‘capsule’ wardrobe so you no longer feel the need to buy! 

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