How will a buzz around your biz help you grow faster? Well, if people don’t know you exist, you’re wasting time, energy and basically, your life right?! You won’t make any sales with that awesome sales page that you put 100 hours of work in and over $5000 if nobody visits the site. 

So it’s time to create a buzz around your biz.

Create opportunities by having exposure.

Here are a few articles and resources that will help you:

The Ultimate Guide To PR & Free Publicity

6 reasons why public relations are important (+ You should start PR ASAP)

8 reasons to only use PR as your promotion tool

How to use Convertkit as a PR tool to automate the heck out of your PR strategy

7 reasons why your PR efforts + strategy shouldn’t cost you money (+ FREE PR Checklist)

Thought you should know this: common PR myths that are NOT true


More press attention. More sales that take less time. More followers. More fun + freedom.

Introvert? This is the best way to feel less awkward promoting your business

How to use Convertkit as a PR tool to automate the heck out of your PR strategy

The Ultimate List 40 ways to promote your content: Free Guide Content Promotion Tools

Video Crash Course PR & Free Publicity

How to automatically reach new audience with Pinterest (the automated strategy)

Here are a few starters to get you going, I’ll soon publish more actionable steps to help you grow with PR and free publicity.

You can always enroll in my Crash Course PR & Free Publicity here or accept my challenge $5k in 21-days

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