If you are a caring person, then you’re likely to spend time worrying about other people. It’ll be in your nature to lean toward selfless acts, and away from hobbies and careers that only serve you. Finding a career in a field that values a caring nature, a selfless way of thinking and a happy trait isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done.
Thankfully, there are an awful lot of careers out there that favour those who care about others; from veterinary jobs, to foster work, nursing, and special education. It’s all about taking your time and getting the experience that you need, however long it may take you to save up to study.

Sometimes, those who want careers in a caring industry feel limited by credentials and paperwork. Finances come into it massively, as a lot of caring careers are geared toward the public sector, which means that the salaries are a little lower than most. So, what careers could you opt for if you care about others?


It’s one of the toughest careers out there, because even though your active teaching hours are 9am to 3pm, you also spend hours around that marking work and arranging schedules of work for multiple classes. You have to really care about the individual educations of 30 kids at a time, their parents and their concerns, too. Be prepared to have a tough skin and a motivation to keep succeeding and you will do exceptionally well.


Underpaid, under-appreciated, and most of the time having to purchase their own uniforms, nurses are the top of the chain when it comes to being caring. If you find yourself needing help purchasing your own work clothes, try looking now at UniformsAndScrubs.com. Nurses don’t need as high a degree as a doctor or a professor in that field, but they do need a level of formal education. There are so many avenues for nurses to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice for who to care for.


If you love children and you love helping parents, then being a Nanny would be perfect for you. Nannies care for children in the most basic way compared to teachers, but they provide an emotional support similar to a parent. They are not the mother of the child, but they treat the child that they care for with as much attention and love as a parent gives. You can do this in the home of the family, a school or nursery setting or even their own home.

Social Worker

Social workers are there as an impartial support to those who cannot care for themselves. The elderly, children and vulnerable adults are all supported by social workers when they are in a situation whereby they need extra care. They work with troubled families to help mediate issues between education and home, and they are an extra pair of hands to a bad situation that needs a neutral viewpoint.

Whichever caring career you want, you can get it with patience and perseverance.

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