Sometimes, the idea of cleaning, decluttering, or re-organizing can feel overwhelming. But, studies have shown that decluttering can actually improve your mental health by boosting your self-esteem and reducing stress. 

It’s actually a very simple, small way to improve your life and feel better every single day, especially when you tackle small projects instead of loading yourself up with bigger, overwhelming tasks. 

You don’t need a Junk Hauling service for daily decluttering and cleaning. In many cases, it can take you ten minutes or less to make a difference in how well things are organized. 

With that in mind, let’s look at a few tips you can use for daily decluttering in your life that won’t bog you down. 

Choose a Counter, Then a Cupboard

Most people make the mistake of looking at a room like a kitchen and thinking they have to tackle everything all at once. 

If you’re not in a huge rush, you can actually give your kitchen a more thorough cleaning by taking your time and focusing on certain areas each day. Today, you can start by clearing the clutter off of one counter. Clean it off completely, and then allow yourself to place one or two appliances or decorative items that you use or enjoy on it. 

Once one counter is clean, do another tomorrow. Then, move onto your cupboards, then your drawers. Taking things day by day will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and you can make clearer, more thorough decisions about what you want to keep out and what you can get rid of. 

Find Places for Things You Use

A good rule of thumb is to hang onto the things you use frequently and donate the things you don’t. But, even things that get a lot of use should have their own place somewhere in your home. 

You might think that because you use something every day, it’s okay to leave it out. But, giving it a designated spot will not only help to clear a bit of extra clutter but it can bring some comfort. You’ll always know where that particular ‘thing’ is. Giving it its own space can actually help you to realize how valuable it is to you on a daily basis. 

Embrace More Minimalism

Speaking of donating the things you don’t use often, that’s another aspect of decluttering. The minimalistic lifestyle is gaining popularity across the globe for a reason. People are finding that having a lot of “stuff” just contributes to stress. 

Unfortunately, it’s easy to keep buying more “stuff” and hanging onto the things that don’t see a lot of use, anyway. 

It’s sometimes hard to get rid of things. As people, we tend to get attached to things that don’t necessarily even get a lot of attention. But, letting things go that don’t get used is a great way to clear space and feel more organized. Plus, by donating items, you could be helping someone in need. 

It only takes a few minutes to look through your clothes, kitchen items, etc., and decide what you don’t need. Small choices can make a big difference. 

Decluttering doesn’t have to take up your time or stress you out. In fact, it can help to alleviate stress and make you feel more organized than ever. Keep these tips in mind and focus on a few minutes each day of clearing away the clutter. 

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