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  • Why Mental Health Shouldn't Be Ignored After An Accident

    Why Mental Health Shouldn’t Be Ignored After An Accident

    If you have an accident, it is pretty standard for it to hurt not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Many people choose not to talk about their accident, especially if it resulted in significant and life-changing injuries and bottle up the emotional trauma that they are suffering, especially if it was caused by someone else

    Of course, this is wholly understandable. Recovering from a physical injury can be difficult and time-consuming. On top of this is the stress, the difficulty in finding an excellent personal injury lawyer and the often long-winded legal processes and even court proceedings that follow a serious accident. It can often make people want to give up and not see it through. However, it is vital that after an accident, the emotional and psychological symptoms are not ignored and treatment is sought, especially if they start to have an impact on your day to day life and recovery.  (more…)

  • What You Can Do In 90 Days?

    What You Can Do In 90 Days? Achieve Your Goals

    Do you ever hear people talk specifically about achieving something or giving up something for 90 days? Ever wondered why 90? It’s a significant number in addiction recovery for example when people go for residential addiction treatment they are usually asked to commit to at least 30 days of treatment, and for more deep-rooted addictions, a treatment professional might prescribe long-term treatment which could last for 90 days up to a year. Pink even wrote a song about it on her latest album, but why 90 and what else can you achieve in 90 days?

    A Few Interesting Things About The Number 90

    • According to Thibaut Of Langres, this number symbolizes the angels and 2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18 = 90, 
    • The Virgin Mary remained 90 days with Elisabeth for the birth of John the Baptist.
    • In Elides, country of old Greece, there were 90 senators.
    • In 90 places in the New Testament, all the prayers and all the thanksgivings are addressed to the Father. The words crime, sick, Holy Spirit and the verb to punish are used 90 times in the Bible.

    Some people say that successful people plan their lives 90 days at a time because looking ninety days ahead, you have a good idea of what you can get done in that time frame. It means that you can estimate correctly, you are aware of what else might crop up and so you can make some very substantial progress towards a big goal.

    Ninety days is an excellent timeline for planning. It’s long enough to be bold and ambitious and with your goals, and yet it’s still short enough to see the end of it and for it to be a manageable chunk of time.

    As mentioned, it is an essential number in recovery as people say that the first 90 days of recovery are the most important for preventing relapse. Research published in the Psychology of Addictive Behaviors found that the risk for relapse was at the highest rate during the first three months. The study also found that a person in recovery who continues some form of treatment in these first three months had an increased chance of maintaining recovery for the first full year.

    So, without really knowing why 90 or where it came from, it seems like it works, so what can you get done in 90 days? 

    Life changes a lot in a year and things that are relevant now may not be in 12 months, or 12 months seems so far away that you figure you can always start tomorrow. Ninety days, on the other hand, means you can see an end in sight. However, 90 days isn’t too short either but if you have lots of goals and you focus on one for every 90 days rather than trying to do them all at once, then you can achieve so much more in a year. It could be for the first 90 days you focus on getting fit, for the next 90 days you focus on saving money and then the next 90 days you focus on getting a new job? This allows you to think about all spheres of life. 

    So, while we’re still not sure why 90 days, it’s worth giving it a shot to see what you could achieve. 

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  • 3 Mental Models That Might Bring You More In Life

    3 Mental Models That Might Bring You More In Life

    If you are always on the lookout for ways in which you can improve your life and yourself, then there are many ways in which you can approach this. No matter how far you may have come in your development so far, you will find that there are plenty of things you can do to bring about more, and that is what we are going to look at in this article. Specifically, we are going to focus on some of the mental models that you may adopt which can often help to bring you much more in life. These are essentially just ways of thinking or of approaching reality which can improve your life and how you deal with things along the way, and they can be a powerful means of improving your life for good. Let’s take a look at what they are.


    One of the hardest things to do when you are feeling down is to try and force yourself to feel better. And yet, if you can make it so that you find a way to feel much more positive about things in general, you will find that this brings about many changes which you would definitely consider to be worthwhile. It’s not so much about pretending to be positive as it is about actually finding a good reason to be so, which basically just means that you need to work out what the silver lining is in any situation. Being able to do that will at least make you much less worried about what it going to happen in your life, and will give you the ability to really be able to master how you are feeling in any given moment, especially the worrisome ones.

    Law Of Attraction

    This is somewhat related to positivity, but is distinct in the way that it operates. How much of a law it is is not really as relevant as the way in which it affects your psychology. What it does there can be very useful towards helping you to get much more out of life. With the law of attraction, you are basically just ensuring that you are directing yourself in such a way that you are more likely to bring about the things you want, and repel the things you don’t want. It works on a principle of ‘like attracts like’, and so the goal is to think about the things that you want to manifest in your life so much that you do so. It’s certainly worth giving it a go if you want to try and bring about more good things in life.


    Few things are more important than being truly and fully compassionate towards other beings, and this is something that you should absolutely make sure you are doing as much as you possibly can. When you are compassionate towards others it has a way of reflecting back on you, and you have much more good come back to you as well. That is definitely something that you should try doing as much as possible in your life.

  • 4 Signs You May Need To Seek Help

    4 Signs You May Need To Seek Help

    No-one likes to contemplate failure. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO running a blue-chip corp, or a stay-at-home mom battling with lively kids, we all have an ideal version of ourselves in our heads, and when we know that we are failing to live up to that ideal, it can be very painful to accept. Life is full of ups and downs by its very nature, and seeking outside support is sometimes very necessary in order to help us on our journey. 

  • Six ways you can make a life change

    Six ways you can make a life change

    Life is supposed to be something that is smooth and easy, but the only way that you can have this version of life is if you make it that way yourself. For the many, life is not easy. It is not smooth. There are many twists and turns, and there are a lot of things that have the potential to go wrong. However, life is what you make it, and you need to be proactive in making yours the best that it can possibly be.

  • WW Wellness that Works (Weight Watchers review)

    Some things are so great they don’t need a time frame on them. For me, that’s the 21-day Health Challenge I recently did. For me, it was so ‘doable’ that I decided to commit to the challenge (also known as WW) for life.

  • Three things that can knock you down but you can come out on top

    Three things that can knock you down but you can come out on top

    Sometimes in life we can all feel like we are struggling. Things happen and we don’t know why, life can throw curveballs and sometimes it can feel like we are being knocked down but in truth, often the things make us stronger and then also highlight other things we can do, so in the long term things do get better. It is hard to see that at first, so here are three things that can knock you down but ultimately help you to be back on top. (more…)

  • How to de-stress, relax and stop overthinking after a day of work

    How to de-stress, relax and stop overthinking after a day of work

    Did you know that the main complaint of many people these days is that they find it so hard to switch off after a busy day in the office? We all have such hectic work schedules these days that there are so many different deadlines and responsibilities we need to be aware of. Simply forgetting these at the end of the day once we return home isn’t always that easy to do.

    If you find it hard to relax after a day at work, you could find that this is detrimental to your health as it could be pushing your stress levels up. You don’t have to always struggle with this, though. Here are some tips that should help you relax much better in the evenings. (more…)