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  • Productivity tips that could help you to build for the future

    Productivity tips that could help you to build for the future

    Every business owner should want to ensure their company is as productive as possible. That is especially the case if you operate within a manual industry like construction.

    There are lots of things that could go wrong and damage your chances of making a profit. So, it’s vital that you use technology to increase productivity and limit any downtime.

    Besides these extremely useful productivity tips, you can always learn more right?

    Today, I’m going to spend a few moments highlighting just some of the ways in which you can make that happen. Even if you’re not running an online company, you should still use the internet to protect your interests and push your venture forward. (more…)

  • Ensure Your New Year's Resolutions Stick

    Ensure Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

    Whatever you decided you were going to do at the stroke of Midnight, whether it was losing weight, give up smoking or building your company into a six-figure business, chances are that by February you will have given up, if not even sooner; you may even be reading this having thrown in the towel already!

    The stats say that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions have failed by the time we get to February, and it isn’t that surprising. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are difficult to form, and when things are hard, humans often give up. It doesn’t have to be that way though! If you have something you want to do (or stop doing) this year, you can be successful, especially if you do these things: (more…)

  • Get more done when you work from home

    Being able to work from home can be a massive benefit to those people that do it, whether that it is something that you create for yourself or through an employer, there are many benefits. The flexibility can be great, as well as the fact that there is no commute; it can help your happiness levels. Plus, with the technology that we have there are plenty of chances where you can check in with teammates online and even join in with meetings. It really is the future for businesses. But because it is something that is still fairly new, it is important to note that there is still work that needs to be done, even though you are at home. There can be drawbacks when you think about splitting your home life and your work life. For instance, you may know you have lots of laundry to do and several errands to run, as well as clean the house. But you do have conference calls and deadlines to meet. Switching off and only being in work mode can be hard when there is a lot of other stuff going on. Which is why having some tips and tools to help you work from home in a much more productive way can be just what you need. Here are some things to help you, if you are a seasoned work-from-homer, or if you are just about to start out on this journey. (more…)
  • The Benefits of Serving Others (Confirmed by Science)

    The Benefits of Serving Others (Confirmed by Science)

    Scientific evidence shows that helping others benefits your mental health, as well as the people you are giving aid to. It does not seem to matter whether your help is financial, or if it is your time or energy you give, it just makes you feel better to help people that are not as fortunate as you. Here are just some of the facts scientists have come up with.

  • Feel more fabulous by upping your food and fitness game

    Feel more fabulous by upping your food and fitness game

    Most people tend to curl up in a ball and shrink into hibernation at this time of year. This has happened to you before, but you have always found it quite difficult to bounce back again, especially after indulging during the holiday season. You want to keep yourself looking chic during the winter months, whether you’re cooking fresh food or updating your wardrobe. Some say it’s quite easy to feel fabulous during the summer months, but feeling sexy in the winter is a whole new story. All you want to do is sit on the couch, eat potato chips and watch the latest Netflix release, but here are a few things you should really be doing. (more…)

  • Three ways to get back to your best self

    Three ways to get back to your best self

    Sometimes, we might feel as if we are just treading water, rather than achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Often, we might feel frustrated or down about something or feel hopelessly held back from becoming the person we believe we are.

    However, you can easily become your best self, and this guide gives you some tips on how to do that. (more…)

  • Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie

    Spiritual gift guide + zen must-haves for the spiritual junkie

    Let me tell you since I’m a spiritual junkie, I’m all about getting the right tools and spiritual must-haves to ‘play around’ with my passion. There are many things that make great zen must have gifts for people that want to be more spiritual but also, they make great presents for yourself when you need a little pick-me-up.

    Whenever I’m down myself, I get back to this list and get something from the list, even if it’s just a little crystal that helps me overcome the reason why I’m down.

    But there are so many more great things every spiritual junkie needs, so here’s the beginner’s list!

    Side-note: If you’re looking for a gift, make sure you purchase something that’s high-quality. That means, there will probably be cheaper products available but no spiritual person is gonna be happy if they get something with bad energy or that’s made from something that’s not natural. 

  • Productivity tips for solopreneurs and time management for entrepreneurs

    Productivity tips for solopreneurs

    If you have started a business on your own from home, to start with you will be full of excitement and motivation. If you are not careful though, you can start to stagnate, and your business will suffer if you allow this to happen.

    Productivity and knowledge of time-management are important.

    If it goes well and you get really busy, the stresses can mean that you lose sight of the passion that prompted you to become a solopreneur, and you can become overwhelmed by the many tasks you need to do.


  • How to maximize your productivity during the dark winter days when working from home

    How to maximize your productivity during the dark winter days when working from home

    In the modern world, there are lots of people taking the leap into becoming self-employed. This can mean picking up work as a freelancer or running your own company from the comfort of your own home.

    In any case, there can be days when remaining productive can be a challenge. If this happens for an extended period, something must change before it begins to have a wider impact on your life and work.

    Luckily, there are many ways to can maximize your productivity, which will see you jumping into work each day with a renewed energy and lots of creativity. (more…)

  • 3 Activities to try if you want a new experience

    3 Activities to try if you want a new experience

    Many people are looking for new experiences in life. While for some, it’s because they’re tired of doing the same old thing, others are on a journey to discovering and exploring new things. You may be either of the two and thinking about what activities you can try that you haven’t done before. Seeing as the world is a global village and there are so many cultures as well as destinations, there’s a likelihood that you’re missing out on tons of fun activities. To help you out, however, you’re going to find three activities to try for those in need of a new experience. Although there’s no guarantee that you have done the ones that will be mentioned below before, if you haven’t, you’ve got a few new ideas to consider.   (more…)

  • Stop met plastic a day in the life of a blogger

    How to live a day without plastic + a day in the life of a blogger

    Did you know that between 4.8 million and 12.7 million tons of plastic land in the sea every year? And that it takes up to 450 years to break down 1 plastic bottle?

    No? Then you are not the only one who didn’t know this. I knew about it, but not exactly.

    During my travels, I have seen whole beaches covered with plastic, snorkeled in the plastic soup and at rescue centers seen so many lovely animals with plastic in their stomach…. It’s heartbreaking and this has to stop and it starts with yourself. Reduce your use of plastic, recycle and go for the other option where possible. But above all: become aware of how much plastic you use in a day.

    And to help you, National Geographic is all about #STOPMETPLASTIC throughout the month of June.

    The campaign wants to make people aware of the following 8 goals: