Let’s talk a bit more about client work.

It’s not always fun to work for yourself because if you don’t have your income streams set up right – you’re often still working for clients.

When you’re getting more known for what you do, you’ll receive more and more client requests.

You’re happy because that means guaranteed work right?

It eats up a lot of time to respond to everybody personally, and you’ll quickly notice that some of them will tell you you are too expensive.

How do you deal with potential clients that think you’re too expensive?

First, remember it’s not impossible to close the deal with a client that thinks you’re too expensive. You need to focus on some education and love.

How to close the deal with a client that thinks you’re too expensive 

First, remember it’s not impossible to close the deal with a client that thinks you’re too expensive. You need to focus on some education and love. Here’s how you close the deal:

  • Make sure you have a blog. On your blog you can explain the things you do, add extra value and attract the right clients. You can show your personality, and give your potential clients the feeling that they know you. You can read more about Content Management here: What is content management and how do you use it to land your ideal client.
  • Invest in creating a professional looking intro package. If you add important information to your first email, the client knows what to expect. Explain yourself in the onboarding package too. Make even add a break down of the costs and where it goes to, so the client understands you’re not just paying for yourself, you also have to pay taxes, office supplies, subscriptions, hardware, marketing etc. Often people forget that freelancers also run a complete business and that the paid amount is not just your salary. Make that clear!
  • Just make it clear to them that you know it’s a big investment, but that you’ll work with them to take their business or life to the next level and that you’re not just doing your work. You go the extra mile, make that clear (of course, only if you do!).
  • Explain that your service is more personalized than for example the super cheap services on Fiverr.
  • Have examples of previous work ready – trust me, this is something all clients will ask for. If you’re just starting out, try to make a deal with someone, maybe a barter, to create your portfolio.
  • Add ‘cheaper’ options. I added ten tiny investment services (all options for €35, book them here!) to my portfolio to work with more people, get to know them and to give people the chance to work with me even when they don’t have the budget to book my normal services. Maybe an idea? A few suggestions: I offer a: blog review, SEO review, social media review and a free publicity plan, all for €35. I think €35,- is a nice introduction price that most people can afford and it will give them inspiration and value that they need to feel inspired and to take their business to the next level. What can you do for potential clients?
  • Did you ever ask someone how you come off? Maybe your branding and social media aren’t clear or targeting the right clients, ask someone else to give their opinion.
  • Create a free email course, to introduce yourself to people who aren’t ready to invest yet, but who can be potential clients. At the moment, I have two free email courses: A Media Kit That Sells and A busy girl’s 21-day life fix | productivity and time-management.
  • Offer a payment plan. Offer a payment plan and multiple packages so clients can pick the minimal package when they’re short on money. Monthly payments also help a lot of people, so make sure you offer that (and let them know upfront!).

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