As you may have noticed, the world is going global. And I bet this is just the start. There are many benefits, like more opportunities and a bigger market to serve if you are a business owner or freelancer, but there is also more competition. 

As a freelancer it’s easier to find job opportunities because most borders have faded. I bet remote working will become hugely popular and the current stats are interesting to say the least. Why NOW is the time to start working remote jobs?

Why NOW is more than ever the time to find a remote job

1. Reduce your carbon footprint 

Going green is a huge part of most businesses. Going remote is environmental friendly and will help reduce your carbon footprint. In 2013, telecommuting reduced annual U.S. fuel consumption by 680 million gallons, or about 0.5 percent of total U.S. gasoline consumption. How awesome? The ultimate excuse for working in your pyjamas from bed: you’re doing it for the environment!

2. Lower stress levels

I think it’s a common fact people in traffic are abnormal stressed. I always feel stressed when I need to be somewhere around rush hour, and skipping the whole commute thing had worked very positive on my stress levels. I also love the fact that when last night’s dinner party accidentally became more awesome than expected, you don’t have to rush home or work the next day with a lack of sleep. You just sleep a little bit longer and work well rested a little bit longer. (By the way, I’m not making this up, this study shows that 82% of remote workers feel less stressed)

3. Decreases operating costs

With the economy climbing up, real estate prices are high AF. Save money and work with remote contractors, so your startup doesn’t even need an office. I paid $600 on average for my office before I went remote, now I can use that money to hire freelancers to work with me or invest in marketing. They work remote too, so I’m saving money on wifi, office computers, office supplies etc. Totally a win for a small company like W&C. And you know, it benefits bigger companies too, Forbes magazine report: Aetna (where some 14,500 of 35,000 employees don’t have an “in-office” desk) shed 2.7 million square feet of office space, saving $78 million. American Express reported annual savings of $10 million to $15 million thanks to its remote worker options.

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4. Increases productivity

Believe it or not, but skipping all the coffee machine talk and that stressful commute will help remote workers work more productive. You might think you have MORE distractions at home like laundry, your kids or family members, that cute coffee shop on the corner and Netflix, but no, you’ll work more productive. Download the Wanderlust and Company productivity sheets to work as productive as possible. You’ll hit maximum productivity when you work from home because you’ll get sh*t done when you feel best, instead of trying to be productive when someone else decided you should be productive (Skip the 9 – 5, work smarter not harder).

5. Join the youngsters

Do you feel old? Or do you feel like you’ve been working a certain way for waaaay too long? Go remote! 68% of job seekers who are millennials said an option to work remotely would greatly increase their interest in specific employers, according to a survey by AfterCollege, a career network for college students and recent grads. So when you want to feel young again or want to bring in a few millennials into the company, go remote!

6. You can earn more 

Like we said before, working remote will make you more productive. And if you can set your own hours as a freelancer, you can work more jobs.  This way, you can earn up to 33% more than staying in 1 job going to the office every day. Perfect if you want to save money to travel the world!

7. It’s obviously (part of) the future 

If you set up shop now, you’re all set for the future. Find your long term clients now and succeed in the future. Soon, more people will go remote, so make sure that company works with you now, instead of later when the competition will be bigger.

Find your next creative remote job over at the Wanderlust and Company job board! We’ll add daily new job opportunities! 

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