Decemless. A few tips to minimalize consumption during the Holidays (and empty the digital clutter!).

I complete agree with the first image, let’s try to consume less these holidays. It’s often over done with presents, food and alcohol but why? So you have something to do in January like getting back in shape? That’s total madness if you ask me. But more than overspending money on food and extra presents its also time to reflect & clean up! 
Take your time to delete some of the digital clutter during the holidays. I know, Christmas behind your deviced is probably not how you imagined Christmas to be but if you’re taking a few days off it’s actually the best time to go through your digital files and delete one and another. I just deleted 250 GB from my Macbook PRO by backing up my iPhotos and videos and it’s such a relief. If you’ve more than 700 GB of digital photos and videos on your laptop it’s not as fast as it used to be once. Cleaning up was highly on my to do list, but if you’re always busy (mainly because everything takes sooo long because the Macbook was sooo slow) it’s actually a good investment. It took me a few days (iek, I know!) but now I’ve backed up, sorted out and cleaned up my photos and video archive and that’s really priceless as a blogger, photographer and creative type. Next up are my iPhone and my iMac, can’t wait to have everything digitally organised! 
Oh, and with an empty desktop I decided to download myself a new background, itsssss Thierry Hendry, because today he retired from his great football career! He has been one of my favorite players for a very long time, so lI’ll show him my respect with this grand gesture by having him as a desktop background lol! 
1st image via Pinterest and 2nd image via Mnmlist.

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