For Amsterdam Curated I was invited to visit Anne, the play about the story of Anne Frank. Before the play, we were dining with a select group at the restaurant of Theater Amsterdam, ‘Boven de Planken’ and after the play we got a little backstage tour.

The food was good!! The menu was simple (three courses, veggie, meat and fish), the starter and the dessert looked amazing and the service was good. There was a large wine menu, and the best: you could order drinks before the start of the play, and in the intermission they were already served! The. Best.

The play itself was really intense, as it’s not a happy ending story. It was heavy and confronting to see the things you read about in a play, but I think they did a really good job turning the diary into a play! Bizarre.

I took a lot of photos, and still waiting for the official photos of the play, but I already wanted to share the dinning photos before writing a review about the restaurant and location on Amsterdam Curated. After the play we got a little backstage tour, it was really interesting to see where the different settings in the play where going and how detailed they are made!

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