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Popcorn Time: OMG! Nerd time! Jurassic World ánd Star Wars VII


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OMG, only just yesterday (four days later than premiere!) I watched the Jurassic World trailer and OMG I can’t wait!!!

But where were my nerdy friends all the time? They could’ve warn me that the official trailer was out after too many hoaxes!! I’ve waited for this forever!

And of course the Star Wars VII trailer premiered earlier this week too. CRAZY. Some nerdy time coming up in 2015, I’ll need my nerdy friends with me next year…

In other news.. my lazy Sunday movie was Charade (1963) this week with Audrey Hepburn, so classy! All her outfits were by Givanchy and the film was filmed in Paris… Audrey + Givenchy + Paris = eye porn. You figured out, I really enjoyed the film (and it was a good thriller too, did not guess who was guilty of charge until the very last bit of the film!).


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