We live in a world where alcohol bottles wear haute couture these days. How the hell do I keep up with style if even products are wearing high fashion? Too crazy! Versace versace versace.
All everybody says when I start talking about the brand. Disaronno gave its bottle a new jacket, a Versace jacket. I guess that’s an Italy thing, but it sure looks good and more interesting than the ‘standard’ bottle. Now I’m jealous.. this bottle is more fashionable than me these days 😉

The party was at the recently opened hotspot ‘Americano Bar & Kitchen’.

Last night’s Disaronno wears Versace party was a lot of fun, with free Disaronno cocktails, great music (mainly Beyonce. Thanks Sunny!) and a photo booth! Yeah! Next week again?
(btw, I filmed the party, so more about that in the next vlog!)

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