As an entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re looking at your salaried friends with just a pinch of envy over the coming weeks. Many of them will be taking some time off for the holidays, and getting some much needed face-time with their spouses and kids. Moreover, they may mention in passing how things are “winding down at work” and they’re basically treading water until the holidays roll around. Of course, as an entrepreneur you have no such luxury. You can’t afford to take your foot off the gas, as this important final quarter of the year draws to a close. As tempting as it may feel, you can’t afford to let your business wither over Christmas. Make sure that you end the year with the same fervor with which you started. That means…

Don’t stop blogging

Blogging is the bread and butter of your content strategy and an integral part of your brand identity. It’s not only a way of making your business stand out in a competitive and cutthroat business landscape, it’s also crucial in helping to form a real and meaningful relationship with your clientele. Every blog entry you post, every tutorial, every video, every infographic… It all helps to cement the emotional investment they have in your business. 

Blogging is not an add-on, it’s the backbone of your business’ identity. As tempting as it may be to let it flag over the holidays, you should absolutely keep on going. Neglect it now, and you can’t expect your loyal clientele to stay loyal. 

Safeguard your employee health and productivity

Now more than ever you have an obligation to provide your workforce (and, of course, yourself) with a safe and comfortable workplace that’s conducive to productivity. Not only is this the perfect environment for working hard, it can also help to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder and quell the invading cold and flu germs that could lay waste to your workforce over the holidays. 

Here are just come of the ways in which you can safeguard your employee health (and thusly, their productivity) over the holidays;

  • Give them access to healthy and nutritious meals on-site.
  • Offer therapeutic light boxes to employees who will be working in the darker hours.
  • Get a central AC repair specialist to check out your building’s system. Poorly maintained systems can spread harmful bacteria throughout your enterprise.
  • Offer flexible working hours to employees that need them.
  • Keep an open door for employees who need to talk.

Stay engaged on social media

As with blogging, your social media engagement cannot be taken for granted. Neglect your social media now and you could find that client and customer questions have gone unanswered over the holidays, complaints have been left to fester and unflattering statements have been left on your Facebook wall. None of that is a good look for your business. The world of social media, for better or for worse, doesn’t take days off.  

Keep your business firing on all cylinders over the holidays and you’ll be primed for an exciting plethora of new possibilities in the new year!

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