One thing that all budding entrepreneurs have in common is trying to compete with the big boys that have already established themselves in the business world. It’s very likely that you will have some sort of competitor no matter what line of business you’re in, and when you’re new to the game it can be difficult to stand out and get yourself noticed. So, how do you, when you’re new to the game, grab the attention of your desired audience to ensure that your business is going to survive? We’ve got some incredible and powerful ways to get your business noticed, so check them out!

Take advantage of social media

It’s no secret that social media is one of the fastest and most convenient ways of getting in touch with people. You may have already used it yourself for personal reasons to keep in touch with family and friends, and you can spin that to use it for your business too. These days, pretty much everybody is on social media and spend a considerable amount of time using it too, and that’s why you should take advantage of the power that it has upon people. Here are some tips on how to utilise your social media accounts:

  • Use all of the platforms instead of just one or two so that you can expand your reach as far as possible. Some platforms will perform better than others, but it’s important to make use of everything available to you.


  • Make sure that you’re active on your social media accounts and posting regularly. If you’re not posting enough, your content will become lost in the abyss of social media posts; therefore won’t get the exposure you’re after.


  • Use a social media scheduler such as Crowdfire or Hootsuite so that you’re not spending every waking minute trying to keep up with the demands of social media.


  • Run giveaways and competitions through your social media accounts and link them back to your website. This way, not only will your social media presence thrive, but so will your website too.


  • Share content that’s relevant to your target audience to keep people engaged. Content that isn’t relevant is likely to cause people to unfollow your account.


  • Use the power of comedy or heartwarming stories to capture people’s attention. Let’s face it, nobody can resist a good heartwarming story on their timelines!


  • Create business accounts so that people are able to find out information such as your opening times, reviews, and even your location.


Use Google Ads to reach your target audience

While there are many different types of advertising that you can use on the internet, we highly recommend Google Ads because not only is Google the most used search engine, but Google tailor their adverts to both consumers and businesses alike. It’s a pretty simple concept actually, and it works by displaying adverts that are similar to the consumer’s search history. This way, consumers see adverts for things they are likely to be interested in, and businesses don’t have to worry about their adverts being put in front of the wrong kind of audience. You should also explore PPCnerd scripts today to see how they can help accelerate your adverts placed within Google. This way, you’ll have complete control over your adverts and you’ll also be able to see detailed insights on how they are performing.

Create a jingle

We’ve all had a catchy jingle stuck in our heads at one point or another, and that’s why it’s a fantastic way of marketing your business. Radio and television adverts are a great way of reaching consumers and ensuring that your product or services are at the forefront of their minds. All you need to do now is write something super catchy and spread the word!

Do something out of the ordinary

Conforming to what every other similar business is doing simply isn’t going to get your business noticed. While it might seem like the right thing to do, taking a risk and doing something completely out of the ordinary will catch people’s attention. This could be something simple like creating an advert that nobody would expect from your line of business, or even something radical like making your customers a promise that they can’t refuse. Whichever route you choose, different is always better.

Use influencers

In this day and age, pretty much everything revolves around the internet, and many people have taken this in their stride and used it to spread the word about something they are passionate about. There are a plethora of top bloggers and vloggers that can spread the word about something in almost the blink of an eye, so it might be worth approaching these influencers to come to some sort of deal. You could use link placement, banners on their website, item reviews, or even sponsoring to get your name around.

Email marketing

Email is a very powerful way of getting in touch with people, and that’s why you should use email marketing to your advantage. Encouraging people to subscribe to content you’re releasing on your website is a fantastic way of building up a valuable email list. You should send out regular and informative emails to keep people engaged and also up to date with what your business is doing. Just remember to comply to the latest GDPR rules that came in recently, otherwise you could land yourself in a spot of trouble.

Have a strong website

Finally, because the power of the internet can literally make or break a business, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got a strong website presence. Here is a fantastic article about how to turn your website visitors into customers that we think you will find very useful when it comes to building a reputable website for your business.

Getting your name out there isn’t a simple task, but if you combine the tips we’ve given you, we’re sure that before long your business will stand out from the crowd and most importantly, you’re getting the custom that you desire.

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