Growth can put a lot of strain on your team as a small business. To help lighten the load and provide expertise, consider outsourcing the services below.

Why Most Companies Outsource

A recent survey found that only a small percentage of small business leaders – only 14% – are satisfied with their time allocation. Specifically, these leaders indicated that they wanted to spend more time on growth but maintaining daily activities and complying with government rules was eating up their time.

The findings also indicated that most leaders (92%) who made the decision to outsource were very happy with this decision. Outsourcing provides a small biz owner with more time on activities that create value for customers, avoiding the issue mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The next question then is, what are the best services to outsource?

Social Media Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks are beneficial to businesses in several ways, including finding new leads and improving relationships with customers. But, in your small business, you likely don’t have time to even get through the daily to-do list, let alone get onto social channels to stay current.

If this scenario sounds familiar, outsourcing social media marketing is a great way to ensure that your company maintains an online presence, as well as replying to customer questions and discovering ways to improve on products and services based on interactions with the target audience there.

Furthermore, an expert, such as RSM Marketing, understands how to effectively generate leads, increase followers, create more online interactions, and ultimately build brand loyalty that contributes to future sales. As a small business owner, you’ll also have one less task on your place.

Information Technology (IT)

There are immediate advantages to outsourcing information technology, including fewer costs from a staffing perspective. Rather than hiring and training IT experts, which can be expensive, outsource those who are already trained and ready to work with your team.

When choosing which IT service company to use, choose one with experience. They will be quicker to problem-solve successfully than a newer firm. Furthermore, ensure they have the proper qualifications for the tasks you need to be done.

Another plus of collaborating with an external IT organization is that they already have the equipment and other resources to start projects, thus saving your small business from having to make that investment yourself. You’ll also find that they’re on top of compliance standards and know best how to secure your network to decrease risks like fraud.


An outsourced bookkeeping service can save companies a lot of money over time. Truthfully, bookkeeping is low on the priority list for a lot of owners, and they don’t have an education in how to manage financial records.

Unfortunately, doing your own bookkeeping or assigning the task to an employee can waste valuable time that would be better used toward growing the company. Putting your skills toward what you do best makes sense from a resource management perspective.

Another thing to remember is that professional bookkeepers know the latest IRS rules and bank details. Thus, they have insights into how best to present documents to financial institutions for a positive result and what the IRS expects come tax time. In the event your biz does get audited, this specialist will understand how to respond and do so on your behalf.

Event Management

Planning an event takes a lot of time, especially when you want it to be a success. Yet it’s not something to ignore or think “I don’t have to do that to get sales” because fundraisers and more can be highly lucrative.

Events provide a way to network with peers and your target audience, building connections that could lead to future sales. They also can strengthen a brand and be an exciting way to get the word out about a new product or service.

A good event management company also likely has access to certain resources easier than you, such as florists and caterers. They already have relationships with these providers and trust them, rather than if you pick one from a Google search without knowing if they’ll deliver as expected.

Outsourcing event planning means you won’t have to allocate your staff to this task either. Instead, assign them to what they’re best at for the benefit of the entire organization’s productivity.

Web Design

Rather than hiring a web designer for your team, choosing to outsource makes sense when you want instant access to people who know how to create and deliver the job. They already have the equipment to do so, thus saving your small business money having to invest in that yourself, which might have taken you over budget.

You’ll save desk space too as the individual works from another location when you outsource. Finally, expect to stay on track with your to-do lists now that you won’t have to worry about adding web design to the duties.

If you’re thinking about skimping on design, think again. First impressions matter and a good design is an essential for business success. Establish your brand with a design that gets noticed and is recognizable right away.

Final Words on Outsourcing as a Small Business

Reducing costs is a big part of why a growing number of small businesses outsource web design, event management, bookkeeping, IT, and social media marketing. Taking this step also provides you, as the owner, the freedom to do what you love. That’s growing the biz!

While it can be hard to give up control as a business owner, building the biz requires delegating tasks to others who are able to do the work efficiently. Making this decision has the potential to increase your revenue significantly.

Stay on top of everyday tasks by assigning them to outsourcing companies that specialize in those very things. Choose those who have the educational credentials and experience to do the work well. Use the time that outsourcing frees up in your schedule to create new goals and move toward reaching the ones that you didn’t have the hours for before.

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