Health issues are perhaps the number one means in which an otherwise stable life can take a brand new direction. Unfortunately, none of us are completely immune to developed health issues, and even if we were, someday something would get the better of us. That being said, there’s no reason why, in today’s medical climate, you should lose any semblance of hope that might develop in time.

Staying confident despite a medical issue can be a difficult to do. After all, it can rock our sense of self-worth or even our identity should this come out of nowhere. But there’s no reason to think that you cannot overcome this, or that you cannot even adapt well to a new life, if full recovery is not an option. Of course, we cannot walk a mile in your shoes, and so we hope not to disparage or in any way lessen the experience you are going through. That would be wrong, and can only be corrected by you expressing your truth.

That being said, finding the confidence to do so can be found in the following advice:

Understand Your Worth

Understand your worth. If someone disparages you for your medical condition, who is the person with less value? Odds are it’s not you. Additionally, being around people who take the time to understand your medical condition and not simply judge straight off the bat can take time, but you’ll learn there are many people out there, people who are worth curating your best intent and potential friendship with. You have worth, and that also includes you with a medical issue. That being said:

It’s Not Your Personality

A medical issue might cause you to take hours of your day maintaining it, affect most areas of your life, or leave you unable to work or with excess physical needs. That doesn’t mean your medical issue defines you. It doesn’t mean you are only your medical issue, even if you spend time to learn more about it and the best means to help yourself through medical insight. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you do not deserve the same quality of life as everyone else. Additionally, there’s no shame in having a medical issue should you choose to identify with it, such as by interacting with a disabled community to help you relate to others in your situation. When you realize that you can adopt this in the healthiest manner possible, you can become more optimistic.

Practice Self-Love

Everyone needs self-love, no matter who they are. If you can focus on your ability to be a friend of yourself, to trust yourself, to understand the lessons you have learned, to reflect often, to only give your time to people who are healthy for you among many other self-empowering techniques, you can be more appreciative and understanding of yourself. This is important. You need to know that you are worthwhile, but not only to know it, to practice it. To feel free to express yourself, to make decisions that may be odd to others but perfect to you. When you internalize this mindset, you have inner strength.

With this advice, you are certain to stay confident despite a medical issue.

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