Your car can and will wear out over time. The tires wear down, the engine is tired and the leather in the seats starts to stretch and rip. The same things happen to the body. The cartilage inside the joints wears down and pulls, this leads to osteoarthritis and other conditions and without that padding in your joints, you’ll find that your bones start to ache. Your joints need the right padding to stop feeling uncomfortable, and when things wear out over time, the level of comfort you’re used to changes.

Cartilage cannot heal or grow back, so you need to keep your joints supple. Some people use CBD supplements from HelloMD when they start to experience pain, so check out the cannabis oil legal states to see wether it’s an option for you or not! There are also many more ways that you can take care of your joints. You can ease the pain in your joints when you look after them from the moment that you realize that there is a problem. While you cannot reverse the arthritis that has begun, you can combat the pain. Here are four ways outside CBD you can do it!

  1. Losing weight is not the answer people want to hear when they’re talking about their health, but the joints cannot often cope with the pressure on them. Every single pound you lose removes 4lb of pressure from the joints. This slows down the wear and tear and can slow down the arthritis progress. Reducing your pain is a must, here, and you can reduce your pain by 20% for every 10lb you lose.
  2. While you feel like your joints are aching, you may not feel like doing exercise, but it’s the best thing that you could do. However, you can start to think about the type of exercise that you do and figure something out. Swimming is better for you than running, for example, and the regular exercise moving your blood faster will keep your joints supple with nourished cartilage.
  3. It’s important to build the muscles around your joints so that your joints are supported. Strong muscles will prevent jarring and prevent your legs from slapping as you walk. Building the muscles that surround the joint can make a big difference to your pain, and you can get that help in physical therapy. Work with people who know what they’re talking about and improve the strength of your limbs entirely to help your joints to thrive better.
  4. Stretching every day will improve your ability to move your joints properly. You’ll be able to feel less stiff, protect the remaining cartilage and give your body and joints rest. The more that your joints move, the more the cartilage will be protected from wear and tear. Stretching can help you to keep your joints nourished.

You need to feel comfortable when you move, and the best way to do that is to ensure that you are taking care of your joints as much as possible. Pilates and yoga, swimming and gentle walks can help to keep you moving.

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