As we get older, we can begin to worry about our long-term health. As the digits increase, we can succumb to minor health problems. When you get out of bed, we can feel a little bit more pain than normal, and that temptation to reach for the painkillers becomes more and more.

But this is a steady slope, because the more you numb the pain with over-the-counter medication, the more you rely on this. It’s far better for your health to learn how to manage your pain with a swift combination of old-fashioned and new techniques. Also make sure you check out list with items for people with Chronic Pain, as there are a lot of handy items you must need! 

The Cold And The Heat

Your grandparents were probably keen exponents of a cold bath or shower, and if you can think of nothing worse, the cold has been shown to improve our ability to withstand pain. And while jumping into an ice bath doesn’t sound appealing, all you need to do is ensure you spend a little bit of time under the cold shower every day until you get used to it. Likewise, heat can help to clear out our lymphatic nervous system and sweat out various toxins. Just be sure that you drink plenty of water to replenish your electrolytes.


Biofeedback is an interesting technique and is very much rooted in the present. While there’s a lot of people that suffer from long-term illnesses that turned to CBD gummies and other marijuana or THC-based products, relying on a machine to highlight how stressed you are can give you a unique perspective on your own unique ability to withstand pain. A biofeedback machine shows data on specific physiological functions, like blood pressure and heart rate, and turns these into a graph or blinking light, depending on the machine. This gives you the ability to manage your body’s response to pain by trying out basic techniques, like deep breathing, positive visualisation, and so forth. Because you can see how it’s impacting your body in the moment, you can then use these techniques to help if you suffer pain again.

Mind And Body Techniques

With a biofeedback machine showing you exactly how much pain or stress you are under, you still need to learn the right techniques for you. And these can consist of the old favourites, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. These practices incorporate control over your nervous system. By breathing deeply and embracing the calm in the eye of the storm, you can better manage the symptoms. Something like meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, which can easily spike when we feel stressed. Have control over your stress, and your ability to withstand pain improves.

There are many approaches to pain management, but if we rely on painkillers every time we have a little headache or ache, we’re not using our bodies and brains to overcome these obstacles. At the end of the day, taking painkillers on a regular basis isn’t particularly good, and neither is a reliance on them. Instead, if we can find simple approaches that harness our innate ability to withstand pain, we can use these techniques, not just for pain management, but to improve our life and general health. And if these don’t work, just let out a swear word or two…


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