We all know that one of the most important things about branding is that you need to place it well. Good placement of a brand means that more people are going to see it, and that for the most part they will be the right people. It will therefore have much more of the effect that it is supposed to have, and you will find that it actually takes much less work overall to make it effective. The more creative that you are with regards to your brand placement, the more likely it is that it will be effective, so let’s take a look at some of the more creative ways you can place your brand.


You should always make sure that you are utilizing the packaging of your products as fully as possible. There are many things that good packaging should have, and one of them is your brand plastered all over it. That is true of the packaging around the product itself, and also of any packing that you might be using in distributing the products to stores and retailers, or directly to customers. Using custom packing tape is a good way to get your brand on every package, and it’s a highly affordable one too.

Social Media

Clearly, social media is one of the first places you are going to try and spread your brand around. But you need to come up with some kind of original and creative way of actually doing so. You could merely go down the now-traditional route and set up an account under the company name, or you could think about using some alternative name instead. It might even be worth personalizing the brand as an individual and then setting up a social media account on their behalf. This could be an ironic twist on your normal timeline, where you possess a tongue-in-cheek voice, and in so doing you would be giving your brand an extra dimension.

Street Art

In time, marketing ends up using plenty of normal cultural aids in the effort to make a brand more and more famous. One example is the way that companies have used street art to help their brands along. If you want to get on this train, then you will find that it is incredibly effective, and it’s easy enough to do. The main concern is that you remain legal in your efforts, so make sure that you choose somewhere you have permission to paint. Then you can hire an artist to paint some kind of mural depicting your brand in all its boldness. That is bound to have a positive effect for your brand.

These are all great examples of the kind of ways in which you can get a little creative with branding. As long as you have considered these, you should be able to push the boat out a little, and you might find that you are getting some wonderful responses from doing so.

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