So you want to be a content creator? Need help getting started with content marketing?

Good! I’m here to help!

Let’s start with building your online ‘homebase’: a website that’s optimized for content marketing.

If you’re building a business or you want to become TikTok/Instagram famous and earn money with social media content creation doesn’t matter. It’s important to create your own website (with your

You know why? Even if you don’t plan on building a business it’s good to keep content marketing in mind for your career *later*. In this blog post I share important content marketing reasons to start a website and how to get started building your website for content marketing!

5 important content marketing reasons for you why you need a website (even if you don’t plan on blogging):

You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket

I think this is good advice to follow for everything: not only where you can be found online but also the ways you earn money, the ways people can find you, the services you offer, the brands you work with etc.

Creative freedom

Something that social networks don’t always guarantee. A space where nobody can report you, where nobody can shadow ban you and a place that’s forever; your kind of people will always be able to find you on your own website, even when certain networks fall out of popularity.

It’s a solid base for a business

People will take you more seriously. If you just ‘own’ an Instagram account, how legit is that? If you’re also a registered business, own your own domain with a great portfolio online, it’s your and it’s legit.

Talking about ‘owning’ your accounts; you don’t own anything

Particularly Facebook/Meta/Instagram owns everything you post. So make sure you post it on your own website first, it will also be a good back catalogue for your Instagram feed for when you have to leave the network or when they ban your account.

From content marketing perspective it’s essential that you can get found in Google (and other search engines)

Sure, people use Pinterest and TikTok as search engines, but who doesn’t quickly search for something on their phone in the browser? And never forget people working at companies are often using desktops to do their work, not mobiles. People need to be able to find you! With a website of your own, you’re optimized for search engines.


It’s easier for people to share your content if you publish it on your own website and add share buttons. As it’s not so easy to share your Instagram stories, it is easy to share a post on your website! It’s also easier to make lists of all your social media accounts, the products you offer and the newsletter forms, content upgrade downloads and everything else, combined in one place. In your social media bio you only have ‘x amount of space’ to show who you are and where people can find you, and on your website you can take all the space you need!

Those are the basics of content marketing.

Are you convinced yet? There is one easy way to set-up (no technical expertise necessary) your own website in less than 10-minutes and it costs less than $4 to start.

What you need to know before building a website for your business to get started with content marketing:

You need a domain name

Make sure it’s your business name or your own name to maximize find-ability by using content marketing. You get yours here (and check if your favorite one is available).

Have a quick scan here to see if your preferred domain is still available:

You need webhosting

This doesn’t need to be at the same company where you purchased your domain name. But it needs to be optimized for the use of your website. Are you creating a portfolio website or a one-pager? I recommend this cheap webhost.

But if you’re planning on blogging and posting regular news updates, make sure you get top-notch webhosting or your website will be slow. I personally use and recommend this webhosting. They both start at under $4 a month, but there’s a big difference in quality. Most webhosting will offer a one-click installation of WordPress, do that.

More tips on how to set up a blog in 4 simple steps to starting a WordPress blog from scratch if you have zero technical knowledge and in the Ultimate Guide To Blogging

Design for optimized content marketing

If you’re already quite skilled you know you find the best site designs in the form of a template on this site. But if you’re not, read along. There is a two-click way to get your site the design you love. Browse designs on Themeforest or Creativemarket and buy the design you love. Download the file, and upload it to your (WordPress) blog. Voila, now your site looks like the template you bought! No need to hire expensive web designers or technical help, but if you do need some help, have a look at Fiverr, the marketplace where people offer their services for a fiverr (starting at $5).

More on how to set up everything for content creation success here, blogging for beginners here and more on content marketing here!

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