So, I festival a lot in summer. And one of the challenges is to not drink beer (gluten) and find a gluten free and lactose free breakfast. Big challenge! So this summer, I came up with a gluten free and lactose breakfast that’s the perfect base for a day full of dancing, drinking (?) and fun in the sun! 

I came up with the idea when I was going to my first festival of the season, and was thinking about how to stay healthy. One of my favourite and easiest breakfasts is chia seeds with fruit. So why not bring some to the festival? So my secret to staying healthy and energised during a weekend full of dancing and no sleep? A healthy breakfast!

The healthiest festival breakfast ever gluten free, lactose free and only 3 ingredients

You’ll need:

  • Chia seeds
  • Soy milk
  • Fruit

I already had some chia seeds at home, so I just repacked them in a ziplock bag. I bought the small soy milk packages, which are great, because they are perfect for one breakfast. I had precisely enough for the weekend and they don’t need a fridge or stay cool. I like my breakfast with strawberries, but they are not so easy to bring to a festival… so I took some apples and bananas with me. But some festivals also sell fruit, so do your research if you don’t wanna bring any. What I did the first morning was walk to the festival entrance after my shower, ask for one of the big cups they often give away to use for your own beer, and bring it back to my tent. There I used it to mix all the ingredients and to let it rest for a few minutes. And voila, done was my super healthy festival breakfast!

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