It’s not fun when you realize you’re heading into a part of your life where you’re not as glowing as you once were. But at this point in your life, you’re going to be more involved with more serious subjects. You may have a partner, children of your own, and perhaps even a career you dedicate yourself to. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you cannot look good. Yet with every living creatures, it’s the same old story. Beauty doesn’t last forever and nor shall your good looks. Rather than panic and surrender yourself to not caring or making the extra effort, you should be proud to age with grace. There are many societal pressures for both men and women to look a certain way in order to be thought of a beautiful. This is due to popular culture movements that we experience in the media, movies and everyday advertisements. Generic and quite broad, none of these peer pressures should have an effect on you as an individual. Unfortunately, they do for a lot of women, and self-conscious worries can start to burrow into one’s mind. There are some effective stances you can take so your beauty doesn’t fade but evolves with time. Also read: how I unwind after a busy week

Origins of youth

Human beings are still animals, no matter how complex our interactive culture is regarding clothes, language, codes of conduct etc. Men especially are very visual animals and so at least half the population is always going to react to whatever the tangible world present to them. You’d be prudent to recognize the fact that eyes are the first clear sign of your age. It’s a basic communication procedure to look at and into someone’s eyes when you’re acknowledging one another. So women are rightfully interested in keeping their eyes tort and looking healthy. There are many treatments for weathered and mature eyes that claim to be the best cream. But there isn’t a one-stop product that aids everything. For dark circles around your eyes, creams that are rich in vitamin C are great for rehydration. They bring back the life around the eyes where a lot of soft tissue resides. Brightening the surface and digging deep into the skin cells, these creams revitalize skin that may be showing signs of wrinkling. Crows feet, sagging eyelids and the drooping skin underneath the eyebrows are just a few things vitamin C based creams can treat.

The visible unseen

Part of heading into a mature state of mind and body is noticing things change about your bodily appearance. You might not even catch it early but suddenly look in the mirror one day and finally spot it. One of the visible unseen parts of ageing is losing pigment in your hair strands. Slowly but surely your hair will begin to fade in color, going from its normal shade to slightly grey and then full on white. It may not be obvious to you even when you glance in the mirror, but people you speak with face to face will notice. It takes a reasonably long time for all of your hair to transition into greys and whites. It’s not the same story for your roots however as the ageing process first begins at the base. The tips of your strands will be the last places to change, but the hair follicles will be the first. That’s why root touch up products help to disguise all this as it’s happening. If you want to keep a certain hairstyle whereby you like to part your locks parts, these kinds of products are needed. You can get them in multiple forms. Some products are sprays, others are powder and brushes, and others are more like a traditional highlight paste. The quickest will only need to be applied for thirty seconds up to one minute. Others will need to be left in for a couple minutes or so. The texture and composites will vary, but most will not leave behind residue and or powdering. Every color in the spectrum is accounted for; it’s just finding what will work best for your hair that you should explore.

Below the chin

There’s a lot of attention given to the face when treating the signs of ageing. But no matter how tight and smooth your face is, something that is even more difficult to control is the wrinkles on your neck. Below the chin, there is a natural series of bends in the skin that are caused by the collagen adapting to the movements of the vertebrae. So over the years, the more flexing and bending at sharp angles the skin on your neck goes through, the more visible wrinkles become. Brands purposefully have begun to address this issue more seriously in the past decade. Separate from face creams, neck creams are somewhat stronger. The skin on the neck is obviously a lot thicker than the face. Therefore these creams are going to be filled with more complex chemicals. You’ll start to see less and less reliance on all natural ingredients the further you go into quality products. Vitamins will be offset by acidic compounds to combat dead skin cells that don’t shed as easily as they once did. This means that these creams aren’t necessarily to be thought of as moisturizers. They are in a sense nourishing creams but keeping water locked into the surface of your skin isn’t their primary function.

It’s going to be tough to swallow, but ageing is going to steal away your good looks. You can either surrender yourself to your beauty fading away horribly or make a choice to age with grace. There’s no shame in wearing your wrinkles with pride and as a sign of you are a woman who has life experience. Treating the wrinkles around your eyes, however, is something that most women do to remain looking youthful and vibrant. It’s also because dark circles can sometimes be stubborn that even with a good night sleep they can still be the same shade they were before. Touching up the greys and whites of your roots is another subtle but reassuring step you can take to stem the tide. The rest of your hair can be completely fine, healthy and with a nice sheen. But your pigment at the root can leave earlier than expected so touch-ups can bide you more time.


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