Making money online is something that I love to blog about. Especially as there are so many different income streams that you can use to top up your bank account, and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are located either. However, too many people believe it is complicated and confusing to earn online when in reality it actually isn’t. In fact, if you check out my guide below you can get some insight on how easy it is to make money in this fashion. Read on to discover more or read 50+ ways to earn extra income online (to pay off debt!)

Write an ebook

Many folks get put off the idea of writing an ebook because they believe they aren’t qualified to be an author. However, if you have a skill or have survived a tricky situation successfully like debt, or the loss of a job you may have some valuable insights that you can share with an audience.

You don’t even have to write the book yourself, as you can easily employ someone to ghost write it for you. All you need to do is provide them with an outline and the key points. Then you can sell your book on your website or through online publishers like Amazon and get that passive income to start rolling in. To get started, use this to design your e-book and this tool to sell it in two clicks

Mining cryptocurrency

Mining cryptocurrency is a great way to create an online income. However, too many people are put off because they don’t understand how crypto works or what is involved in the mining process.

Luckily, that doesn’t matter too much now because instead of having to invest in all the hardware to do this yourself you can just use a company that will do it for you. Such businesses are often run in places like Iceland, where they can keep the overheads down to a bare minimum too. Something that means you get a better return on the investment you put in.

You can even get things like this Genesis Mining discount code that will get you money off your transactions as well. Something that can further increase the profit you will make from mining using a specialized company.

Creating online tutorials

If you think you have to be a qualified teacher to create tutorial online you are wrong. In fact, all you need is a camera, something that most phones have, and some advice to impart to your viewers.

In fact, creating a video tutorial is incredibly easy because all you need to do is imagine that you are talking the process through with one person. This is simple to do, whether you are showing them how to change a tire, paint a picture, or bake a cake.

You can even do the task in the video, so they get a visual guide as well as your verbal instruction. Just ensure that you are clear and the audio and visual quality is good. Then you can add your video to Youtube like these ones: Alternatively, you could try more specific sites like Udemy if they are appropriate, where you can charge people to watch them.


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