A salesperson is more than a simple retail employee. They often have an understanding of the granular details of many products or services you offer. They likely also have great memories, as remembering people, places and requests is a part of helping them grow and cynch those high-value deals. Additionally, when utilized correctly, salespeople are individuals. It’s very important to give them the space to work their magic, regulated of course by your best policy practices.

However, we’re all used to being addressed and upsold by salespeople no matter where we go. As a firm, this can be a hurdle you need to overcome. Giving your salespeople more authenticity can help you ensure that they are trusted from the offset, that they build goodwill, and that they are able to develop a more competent and confident connection with whoever they are developing a relationship with.

The advice in this post is geared towards salespeople of all kinds, regardless of industry, in-store work or remote work, and can appeal to public consumers as well as businesses or titans of industry. Please, consider the following insight:

ID Cards

ID Cards can be a wonderful means of giving your salespeople authenticity. Not only do they validate the fact that they work for your firm, but also their role. You may decide to print them using the best laminating services, because like that infamous movie scene featuring Christian Bale, sometimes, it’s the little details that can translate to the best quality. Additionally, allowing your salespeople to immediately identify themselves can make their intentions clear, which can help avoid the impression that they are ‘hoodwinking’ someone into a sales pitch by coming on friendly and mysteriously in the first instance.

Thorough Training

It’s important to give your salespeople thorough training. Teach them about the inventory you have to sell, what they should upsell, what deals you have on at the moment and how this can translate well. Additionally, ensure that they know what offerings are less valuable than others, not to discourage someone from purchasing your products, but so they can ensure a better custom-fit solution. Affability and professionalism are essential to any salesperson’s pitch, and the moment that a potential buyer feels their salesmen is out of their depth, they will lose the sale. After all, it could potentially be that one day, someone knows more than the salesperson. They must be prepared for that.

Solid Guidelines

Salespeople can often gain a bad reputation for the lengths they are willing to go to secure a sale, sometimes even outright lying to cinch that value. Of course, this is a bad practice, and unsustainable. Ensure they have solid guidelines in order to keep their discussions honest and authentic. There is no reason for your salespeople to become or remain deceptive. If you can ensure the best practical standards are followed, all of a suddent clients will trust them, and this will translate to repeated visits over the years. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty.

With this advice, you’re certain to give your salespeople authenticity.

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