Do you long to be one of the best salespeople around? Perhaps you run a business, and want to drive more sales to it? Believe it or not, some of the essential qualities needed to be successful in sales are things that we can all do. The only trouble is, we seldom consider those characteristics. As a result, some of us that do have to sell for a living aren’t performing at our best.

If you are serious about selling, it’s vital that you are in top form. So, what is it that you need to do? Today, I will discuss the best strategies for improving your sales techniques and how to fix any problem areas. Here is what you need to know:

Learn to be thick-skinned

The ugly truth about sales is that there are the not-so-nice parts of the job to contend with. It’s not uncommon to face negative comments or even behavior from people. It applies in particular when cold-calling or doing other unsolicited sales campaigns. One of the traits that separate the good salespeople from the bad ones is how they deal with negativity.

When you’re trying to sell something, it’s important that you don’t take things personally. However, you should take constructive criticism on board, particularly if there is a big issue surrounding what you sell (or how you sell it).

Only use sales techniques that work for you

There are a plethora of ways to sell products and services these days. Your mission is to find the best ones that feel natural to you, and stick with them! Wasting your time on strategies that yield poor results won’t do your sales figures any good.

You may even find there are new techniques that you’ve yet to utilize. It may be worth working with a sales trainer to help you learn about them and seeing if they’re a good fit for your style of selling.

Get over your fear of rejection

One of the harsh realities of sales is that you’ll get more “no” responses than yes. But, just because a prospect won’t place an order doesn’t mean they aren’t interested! The poor performers in sales tend to take rejection to heart and see it as a negative thing.

Successful people in sales turn that rejection around into a positive experience. How? Well, they listen to what their customers have to say, for a start. They can then work out what is stopping them from closing the deal. A negative response isn’t often down to cost. On some occasions, it could be the client doesn’t understand the product or service!

Make sure you have realistic targets

One last technique you should follow is to throw unrealistic targets out of the window! If you’re an employee, you may find you are not suited to the company you’re working for. And if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to re-evaluate the frequency of when people will buy from you.

Don’t expect to sell one million units of something each day when you can only sell one hundred in a typical day.


Good luck!

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