Do you have more passions than just one? I have! And for some reason, I keep building new businesses and I start a lot of new projects. Some people can barely keep up and people ask me all the time, how do you run several businesses? The secret? Be super organized and make sure it’s your passion. I have a few tips for anyone wanting to start a side project, a new business or side hustle while having a full-time day job.

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| 7. Combine your business with being social |

Like I said in 6 (read it here!), blogger events are a lot of fun, and I sometimes ask if I can bring a friend. This way, I can share all the amazing things I do with my friends, and I get to see them too! Getting friends in the niche you’re working in is also a great way to be social and still get to learn something or network because you can go to conferences together.

| 8. Delegate |

Hiring other people to help you is a great way to support other freelancers and will give you more time to focus on things that matter.

| 9. Save |

Save as much as possible, with multiple businesses it’s possible to suddenly earn a lot of money. But to be honest, you probably can’t keep up with that unless you hire people to work with you or give up one of the ventures. Saving can help you invest in your business later on when you really need it and give you personally the financial freedom you need when starting up something new.

| 10. Live minimalistic |

Living minimalistic will create more free space in your head. You have to clean and organize your digital and living environment less, and you just overall need less to live. This means, you can survive on less money (crucial in a starting up phase) and you spend less time on chores. Decluttering can help you a lot when you want to live minimalistic and is often necessary when you want to transform into the minimalistic lifestyle. In Destination Digital Nomad there’s a whole lesson on decluttering your life, digital life, and business to create more freedom.

| 11. Work with a strict schedule |

Work with a strict schedule that allows you to only work DAYS on one topic. This means, don’t work on business #1 and #2 the same day. Try to only work Mondays + Thursdays on business #1, and Fridays on business #2 etc. This way, you’re less all over the place and it’s easy to communicate to people when they can expect an answer.


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