In a world where so many people creating content, is there space for more? The answer is, of course, yes there is. Content can be anything that you want it to be, and there is always going to be room for more.

If you have an authentic and fresh voice to add, or to just write down your thoughts on things or tips and advice, then blogging can certainly be for you. In this day and age, though, if you’re looking to have it be a place where you can earn from it, how can you go about doing just that? How can you stand out in the creator crowd, so to speak? Here are some things to be thinking about.

Choose a Good Web Host

There are several free platforms out there that you can use for blogging. And if you are wanting to simply do it as a hobby, then that could be all that you need. But if you want to earn, then places like doesn’t allow you to earn from it in their terms of service. So if you are looking to earn, then right from the start it makes sense to get yourself set up with a good web host. After all, the web host you choose can help you when things go wrong, and can help with things like down time on a website. Choosing cloud hosting like Siteground could be a good idea for a blog as it can reduce your down time on the site. And if you want it accessed at all times, then that could help. There’s an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and in the digital era, the same can be said for your web host.

Choose Plugins Wisely

There are so many plugins that you can use on a self-hosted WordPress blog, and they can really help you to do different things with your blog and make it all look and feel much more professional. They take hardly any time at all to install and can help you to schedule posts, tweets, improve SEO, and much more. Like the saying ‘there’s an app for that,’ there is definitely a plugin for that.

SEO Your Site

In the early days you need to have people find your blog. And one of the ways that you can help that along a little is to make sure that you are doing SEO on your blog so that it can be found more easily by search engines (search engine optimization).

Compelling Content

You could have the best looking website in the world. But if the content that is being produced is dull and unimaginative, then it won’t help people to keep coming back for more. When content is compelling, people will click off straight away. And in order to get paid work with brands and sponsors, you need to have content that people keep coming back for. So at the end of the day, content really is king.

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