If your website is popular enough, then ad revenue can earn you some serious money. But don’t fool yourself: ad revenue is rarely enough to pay the bills! You’re probably going to want to look into ways to boost the ad revenue of your website.

We’ve got a few for you right here! 

Learn everything about monetizing your blog the right way

I have written a lot of blog posts that are super helpful for bloggers to create a profitable blog and the most useful post would be: how to diversify your income as a blogger because you need to know that there are over 5+ profitable income streams that most bloggers use nowadays.

Showing ads on your blog is just one and not even my favorite, as it’s very passive and depends on your traffic, something you don’t want to rely on.

Expand your ad options

So what kind of ads are you going to allow on your website? The traditional banners, background ads, and columned images make not always get you the best results.

There are plenty of other ways to get ad revenue. Looking into affiliate programs for your website can help you seek other means of boosting your website revenue.

I’ve written a great post about affiliate marketing, recurring paying affiliate marketing programs and if you want to know ALL there is check this out.

Get more people on your website

The more visitors you get on your website, the more likely it is you’re going to increase the number of people clicking on those ads.

You also have to remember that a lot of the businesses who want to host their ads on someone’s website are going to want to know how many monthly hits your website gets. The higher that number, the better! So boosting the number of visitors you get is a must.

There are services out there that specializes in aiding with increasing website visitors – look into it!

Place the ad correctly

Very few people have ever clicked on an ad that they couldn’t actually see! (And those who did were probably tricked into doing so!) A lot of people may have suggestions for where to place your ads – in fact, the company the ad is marketing may even have some suggestions!

But there aren’t really any universally great places to put ads, because website designs differ so much. At the top of the page is usually a good bet, but this has been becoming less popular over the years.

Make sure the ads are relevant

So let’s say you’re running a gaming website. You decide to host some ads on your website – and the ads that you host end up being for, say, alcohol or fine formal wear.

Sure, there are probably a fair few gamers out there who are interested in both things.

But when they’re on your website, they’re there to enjoy a certain subject. If the ads on your website veer too far away from this website, then they’re much less likely to click through.

Consider the distractions

Of course, the distracting content in question may actually be the focal point of your website, right? You don’t necessarily want to have to cut down on your own content in order to make sure the ads are more prominent.

So this doesn’t have to take the form of cutting down on your own content. The design of your website may also have a big effect on the elements that distract from an ad. Any images you use to accompany your content shouldn’t overpower ads that they happen to be placed next to.

It’s actually hard enough to get the visitors of a website to pay attention to ads without all those distractions!

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