Looking fashionable while still being practical can seem like an impossible achievement, especially for busy parents. There are numerous ways to look stylish, whether you are a first-time mom or have been enjoying motherhood for several years by following a few simple steps. For moms, practical outfits and accessories tend to be key factors that are required when shopping for new clothing, often leaving parents feeling like their style is dull or boring. This really is not the case, however, so keep reading to get our top tips on how to stay fashionable while being as practical as ever.

Choose Flattering Clothing

The easiest way to find clothing that flatters your body is by knowing what your body shape is. A great pair of jeans with a statement belt that cinches around the waist is a great option for all body types and is an instantly stylish look that can be thrown together even in a rush. Clothing that accentuates your best assets will automatically make you look well dressed in the most effortless outfit. 

Go for Practical Accessories

Accessorizing is the best way to dress an outfit up and add a touch of style in a quick and easy way. It can be as simple as carrying a trending designer bag – a particularly easy option for staying practical while looking fashionable, as various designers create bags that are suitable for moms who may have to carry an abundance of items for the whole family. A great option is a Jacquemus bag, and a wide range of their styles can be found on SSENSE, who offer the designer’s bag that’s trendy and durable. 

Dress Up the Loungewear 

Luckily for moms, sportswear and loungewear aren’t just for at home or the gym this year. Major icons like Kendall Jenner display perfect ways to look chic while rocking a pair of cycling shorts and an oversized sweater, a trendy casual look that is comfortable and can be dressed up with minimalistic earrings or statement designer sunglasses. Leggings and joggers can be dressed up with vibrant accessories like scarf scrunchies to keep your messy bun in place, making you look effortlessly stylish even in the most practical of outfits.

Be True to Yourself

Becoming a mother can make you feel like you have lost your personality and style, with all your attention focused on caring for your family. This is an extremely common occurrence with most parents, so it is important to remember who you are and look after yourself. Finding a balance to fit in self-care to your daily routine makes a big difference in your overall style, although it can be difficult for busy parents to find the time. Create a quick, simple routine that you can stick to. If it doesn’t work, try a few different things and experiment until you find what works for you. 

Overall, practical fashion is extremely simple if you follow your own personal style, and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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