With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s only natural to start thinking about all the events you’ll be attending, and the entertaining you plan on doing. The holidays are always the perfect time of year to get together with friends and family to share some laughs, good times, and some fabulous food and drink. 

If you’re determined to go into the holidays looking stylish and put together this year, but don’t have a very large budget to buy a whole new wardrobe, then you’re going to appreciate these tips. Here’s a look at how you can swing through the entire holiday season looking trendy, stylish, and put together without having to spend a fortune.

Pick Out a Few Staple Wardrobe Pieces

For many people, it won’t be a matter of just one event or party they attend, rather they will probably have a number of events throughout the holiday season. With that said, it can be wise to put some thought into your outfits. Picking up a couple staple pieces like a pair of dressy black trousers, or a lovely black pencil skirt, will then allow you to mix and match and really extend the use of the staples.

Let Accessories Act as Your Pop of Interest

You can also save money by letting accessories act as your pop of interest. Take for example that simple black dress you have in your wardrobe – simply by pairing it with a statement necklace, a stylish belt, or even a lovely wrap or scarf, you will transform the look of the dress. The accessories don’t have to be high end, which means you can shop around and find some great bargains.

Choose a Bold Lip Color

Even if you don’t want to buy any new clothes or accessories, you can still look stylish by wearing a bold lip color this holiday season. Red is always a favorite, but that’s not the only option. Rich berry tones, plums, purples, and burgundy can be just as lovely and showstopping.

Don’t Forget Your Signature Scent

You don’t want to forget the final touch to your look – your own signature scent. Why not spoil yourself with a lovely new fragrance that you can wear all season long? Sites like Maple Prime have a discount fragrance range, and you’ll be able to find all the hottest designers and scents at affordable rates. There are even gift sets available, which often contain items like body cream or a body spray to really boost the scent level.

As for what scent to go with, the holidays are always a great time for warm, spicy, and sweet notes. You could also go with something a bit more outdoorsy and woodsy if that suits your style a little better.

Look and Feel Great All Season Long

These simple and budget-friendly tips will have you looking and feeling great all season long, and won’t leave you with buyer’s remorse after the holidays wrap up.

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