When running a business, there will inevitably be occasions when you need to impart information to your employees. Perhaps you’re adding a new line of products and need to ensure your customer service staff can help to resolve issues, or you’re changing a company policy and want to make sure that all of your employees are up-to-date – whatever the reason may be, you need all employees to be well-informed on a new development, in the shortest possible time frame.

Conventionally, business owners would turn to text to keep their employees up to date – with emails perhaps the most common choice. What could be simpler than outlining the most pertinent points and sending a mass email? Nothing – the idea is quick, easy, efficient… and almost certainly doomed to failure, given that around 30% of employees don’t read emails from their boss and email has been described as making employees miserable.

So if email is out, what can you rely on when you need to inform your employees of new developments? Here are three ideas to try.


Presentations are a great way of ensuring that everyone receives the same information at the same time, and also provide an opportunity for a post-presentation question and answer session that helps to resolve any lingering issues. It’s now easier than ever to assemble presentations thanks to the likes Beautiful.AI, and you can be confident that the stunning graphics will keep employees engaged from start to finish.


WhatsApp is a hugely popular app, and one that allows for information, files, and images to be shared with a large group of people with relative ease – so it’s well worth considering when you’re hoping to inform your employees of a new development. While WhatsApp does have its limitations, it can be a handy tool for sending brief updates that you simply need to be read rather than responded to or engaged with.

Peg boards

Peg boards have undergone something of a revival over recent years, enjoying significant popularity on platforms such as Instagram due to their aesthetic appeal – but you can also use peg boards and letters to impart small snippets of information. It’s best to place your peg board in a highly-visible area, with your business entrance the best choice; the vast majority of employees will automatically read the board when they see it. The one downside of this method is that you cannot confirm that employees have read the message, but you can regularly verbally remind employees to “check the board” each morning in an effort to overcome this.

In conclusion

Email may seem like the quickest and easiest way to keep your employees up to date with changes and developments at your business, but many business owners find that this isn’t the case. By experimenting with the options as discussed above, you will likely stand a far better chance of ensuring all crucial information is imparted to employees as and when needed – so you can be sure that everyone in your company is always on the same page.

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