A lot of people suffer from dental issues like crowded or overbite teeth. This may bring down the confidence of people in some instances. However, with advancements in dental practices, it has become easier to straighten teeth. From braces and aligners to Invisalign, there are so many options. Invisalign San Francisco have witnessed tremendous demand. San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California, USA, and has a proper Invisalign facility. This service has an advantage compared to the other methods of aligning teeth. 

What are Braces?

Braces are bands or wires made of plastic or metal used for repositioning teeth. The brackets are tightened during each visit to fix the position of the teeth. However, wearing braces might require people to change their daily life skills. There has been massive development compared to traditional braces. But there are a few reasons they might feel a bit inconvenient. 

What is Invisalign?

It is a revolutionary approach to dental issues. Also known as invisible aligners, they help fix the teeth’ position. They fit right into the teeth and can hardly be noticed by anyone. These aligners can be taken out quickly during special occasions and are highly popular among teens and adults. The 13.4 % teen population of San Francisco finds this method more appropriate. 

Advantages of Wearing Invisalign Over Braces

Extremely Comfortable

The braces bring the teeth to a correct position over time and involve the use of uncomfortable materials. The former is, however, different and makes the teeth movement easy. The material is highly flexible and provides more control than the braces. It is always a better option to opt for a comfortable way to fix the position of the teeth. 

Simplified Oral Hygiene

It is always more difficult to clean crooked or misfit teeth. Adding braces makes keeping the teeth in good oral condition even more challenging. This may also lead to discoloring or staining of teeth and poor oral hygiene. Invisalign, on the contrary, is removable. One can remove them while brushing or flossing for effective cleaning. No special tools are required to clean the teeth, like in the case of wearing braces. No one has to get into awkward angles to clean teeth by saying yes to the Invisalign in San Francisco solution. 

Eat Anything 

When people opt for braces, they might have to give up on certain foods. Things like corncobs, apples, or anything too sticky must be avoided during treatment. But with the invisible aligners, one can eat their favorite foods. One can eat Cioppino, the traditional San Francisco dish, as much as possible. 

Looks Better 

One of the top reasons why people opt for invisible aligners is the look. Adults do not like the idea of wearing traditional braces due to the look they create. However, the formers are almost invisible and are hardly noticed. They can be easily customized to fit any lifestyle and do not bring dramatic changes to a person’s looks.

Final Thoughts 

San Francisco, located in Northern California, has the facility to offer the aligner service. They can be worn for about 20 to 22 hours of the day. The cost of the aligners can range somewhere between $ 3500 to $ 8000. However, the exact cost differs from patient to patient depending on the specific needs.

This modern orthodontic solution fits perfectly on the teeth and provides effective results. It is advised to remove them during brushing or flossing. The aligners may have a temporary effect on the speech, which is likely to disappear in a short time. Use the insurance cover to get it done more economically. 

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