My prediction: The days for coaches and unskilled creators are coming to an end.

I’m not a doomsday follower, but it’s not looking good guys and I like to be prepared.

The last few years, everybody and their mother was a self-titled coach (‘I’ll teach you how to be a millionaire by 22 just like me‘), a content creator (or worse: ‘influencer’) or an e-commerce entrepreneur (‘if you buy this product in China for $0.2, you can sell it on Amazon for $15’) but it’s coming to and end soon.

The market is too saturated and the economy is doing bad. |n a few weeks when this quarter ends we know if it’s officially a recession. Add the pandemic and the inflation to that mix and it’s not looking good. And I know, I’ve been thinking for years that there’s a recession coming up, but I honestly think not only a recession is coming up, but also a big change in how we do business online.

Not only are tech companies preparing for the recession by laying off people, the CEO of Morgan Chase warned us that we should ‘prepare ourselves for an economic hurricane’.

Prepare for Plan B

With the uncertain economy, it’s smart to have a plan b. You need to prepare to survive this big ‘crash’. There’s never been a better time to be a creator that knows how to do marketing for ‘today‘.

Now is a time when people are going to be looking to start online businesses. The economy looks shaky and layoffs are in the news; people are going to be looking for ways to make extra money and market themselves which will mean that the online space will be even more crowded than it is today.

Stand out!

This means, get clear about your strategy and make sure you’re doing business in 2022: be present on all platforms your ideal follower, reader and customer are.

Work harder to make sure you’re doing it all. Stop daydreaming about building an online membership, just do it.

Start with sending your weekly newsletter and promote your newsletter more by adding your newsletter subscribe form to your website and TikTok bio.

Save money on expensive tools. You’ll never know when you need the money to just ‘survive this bad weather’. You’re here to stay!

If you’re not sure where to start but just want to get started and see along the way how it goes, I have the perfect opportunity for you! As of today, Podia, offers a free plan.

Everything you need to sell courses, build your website, host webinars, offer (paid) downloads, and build a community membership site for FREE.

With this plan, you’ll get:

  • a FREE website builder
  • a FREE community
  • FREE email marketing
  • 1 digital download product
  • 1 coaching product
  • Draft courses, webinars, and product bundles
  • Creators can begin selling right away and will only pay an 8% transaction fee on paid products sold

I’m literally crying of happiness, because Podia is one of my favorite tools to recommend to creators and (aspiring) business owners because it’s so complete. It offers the full marketing suite for you, for a low price and now even for free!

Why I love Podia so much?

Creators need a platform that grows with them. 
The creator journey often progresses from audience → website → simple product → more complicated product. Podia was built with this journey in mind to give creators access to the tools they need at each stage of their journey, starting with a free website.

There hasn’t been a good way to build a website quickly until now. A website is the most fundamental thing you need to have a presence on the internet, but a lot of website builders require knowledge of code, the addition of plugins and third-party tools, or are just plain expensive. Podia wanted to make a website builder that gives most people what they need — for free.

Transaction fees on all paid plans are not creator friendly. Creators work hard to grow their businesses, and they shouldn’t be penalized by having to share a percentage of their income as they grow. The creator-friendly way to run a company is to have a free plan with transaction fees and then remove those fees as the creator grows. This aligns the company’s incentives with the creator’s incentives.

Platforms serve platforms, not creators. There’s an ongoing trend of the major platforms making moves that harm creators — whether that’s reducing monetization, banning first and asking questions later, taking unfair percentages, or reducing creator reach. Creators need a home on the internet that they own so that they have a central place to send fans.

Current community platforms put creators at the mercy of the platform. Creators need to be able to offer free and paid tiers, encourage conversations between their community members, and deliver their products to members from within the community. Most importantly, they want to be able to connect directly with their audience without being at the mercy of changing algorithms or third-party rules.

What’s the catch? That’s the best part: there really isn’t one! Your website and community are free forever, and you’ll only pay an 8% transaction fee on the sales you make. As your business grows, you can upgrade to one of the paid Podia plans (starting at just $39/month) to eliminate the transaction fees and get access to even more tools.

There’s never been a better time to create online, and Podia’s on a mission is to make it quicker and easier than ever for you to get started!

Or head to my Podia review here to see what the hype’s all about!

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