I’m always annoyed because I wanna know it all. I wanna do it all, I wanna know it all.I know it’s impossible, but I’m a news junkie and I love reading articles online. I don’t always have time, but when I have, I’d like to share my random or interesting finds with you.

What was up last week? Things interesting enough to share, just not in a single blog post. Know it all:

Oscar de la renta life quote.

This week I had a hard time collecting links because I didn’t really had time to spend time on social media or other websites/blogs. I’m really busy and if I’m not working I’m trying to have as much fun as I can (away from keyboard). In other news I have really exciting news… because I’m going to Macedonia this summer! More about that later. I’m almost done with sorting out my world trip photos, so more about that -FINALLY- soon. I know you’ll have been waiting for that moment and I can say, it’s almost -share world trip photos- o’clock!


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