Wow… I’m shocked! Two days ago Boardbooster actually shut down after earlier reports from Pinterest that explained that basically only verified partners like Tailwind and Planoly are accepted…

This means, many (and I mean many!) bloggers have to update their Pinterest strategies and courses.
I really hope that’s not you, but if it is, I have been using Tailwind for years now and I have written a couple tutorials for strategies that help you grow your traffic.

Luckily, they’re still on point and updated, you can check my strategies here.

Btw, if you’re moving to Tailwind, make sure you grab my $15 for you, so you can try it one month for free!

And if that wasn’t enough ‘tools for bloggers’ news – Convertkit announced today that they’re slowly changing their name to ‘Seva‘.

How funny that those are the main two tools I rely on for my blog marketing to sell more + increase traffic.

As we’re heading into the summer it’s getting more and more important to free up time by automation. If you’re curious to various automation strategies to run a more passive blog when needed while still maintaining your blog income? Sign-up for my free training here, and enjoy the summer as you should – from the beach, the park or your favorite location to take time off.

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