When you become a mum, it can be hard to go back to a full-time job. You need to find someone to look after your little one. If you have to put them in a nursery, it can be a costly experience. And mums miss their kids if they are away from them too long. Therefore, most mums are choosing to move into part-time work. Here are the top ways to work around being a great mum to your child:


| Create your own business | 

A lot of people are now turning their back on employers and starting their own business. If you have a particular skill that you feel you could be making money from, then go and talk to your bank about getting a loan. It’s very popular as you can set your hours and even hire employees to look after the business. You are securing a future for your little one, and making some money too. More biz tips in the career section of nonimay.com! 

| Get an admin job |

Employment in the Admin sector are great if you are looking for part time work. They often provide flexible hours which can work around you being a mum. You could even try and get an admin job at a school as this will be a family-friendly position. Research companies in your area who may be looking.

| Get a Retail Job | 

A retail job is a very popular position with mums. The hours are not set to Monday- Friday 9-5 so you can work the job around your partner’s hours. It means your baby still gets to see one parent at a time and saves the cost of nurseries. Companies such as Costco pay at least $8 an hour, and this can increase if you take on more responsibility.

| Become a freelance worker | 

A lot of people are turning to freelance work after becoming a parent. As discussed here, with the rise of the Internet, more people than ever can find freelance work in their chosen field. Writers, software developers, and designers are finding a lot of work online.  Being a freelancer means you can work the hours you like. Therefore, you won’t have to put your child in a nursery. It isn’t a permanent position though so you need to be prepared for losing work. More tips for new freelancers in the career section of nonimay.com! 

| Job share a role | 

A lot of mums are now turning to job sharing when finding a job. It is where two people split the responsibilities of a full-time position between them. Perhaps one of you will work mornings while the other works afternoons. Or you could split the days in half. It could work for you as you can schedule childcare round these hours, and still have plenty of time for your baby. Ask around other mums you know to see if they would be prepared to do this, and this might entice the business more if you are both ready to go.

For more information on great jobs for mums, check out this article. Hopefully, you can find something that works well for you and your baby.  


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