Many women find they must put their careers on hold when they become moms. According to the Pew Research Center, around three in ten Millenial mothers are stay-at-home moms, caring for one or more children each day.

There’s no denying that being a carer for children seven days a week is a full-time job in itself! But, many women feel they have no realistic prospect of earning money while they’re at home.

The truth is, stay-at-home moms have various ways to successfully work from home. Sure, working while looking after small children for most of your waking hours is hard – but it’s not impossible.

Are you reading this because you’d like to learn more about careers for stay at home moms or ways to earn some money from home? Here are 5+ realistic ways that you can bolster your income:

1. Translation

Do you fluently speak one or more languages apart from English? If so, one great way to earn some money from home is by offering your services as a translator. You could become a self-employed translator, or you may wish to work directly for a translation agency.

There are many specialty translation niches available to you. Examples include translating business or legal documents, product descriptions, and even scripts for TV and radio. Plus, the great thing about translation work is you only need a computer and Internet access.

2. Graphic and Web Design

Stay-at-home moms with a creative flair may wish to do something that makes the best use of their skills. Graphic and web design are a couple of work-from-home options that you can do wherever you are in the world, and you get to work on all manner of exciting projects.

If you’ve got an artistic flair and love illustration and drawing, or perhaps you’ve got a technical mindset and love creating websites, those two examples are jobs you can easily do from home.

3. Sell Things on eBay

eBay is arguably an easy way to sell virtually anything to a global audience. If you’d like to earn some money at home to coincide along with your parental duties, have you ever thought of selling things on eBay?

The items you sell can be anything from unwanted items in your home through to products you source from a drop-shipping company. You could even get your kids involved by asking them to take product photos or help with packaging up items to send out to customers!

4. Ironing Services

Ironing is one of those chores that most people seldom have the time to do. If you’re good at ironing clothes, you could offer ironing services to people in your local area. They could drop off and collect their clothing, or you could offer a collection and delivery service for a fee.

5. Become a Vlogger

Did you know that some stay-at-home moms earn a semi-passive income by just documenting their daily lives in video format? Online video platforms like YouTube have helped thousands of moms earn an income by creating popular videos.

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