Most people that own a computer tend to do a lot on there, anything from playing games, downloading videos, surfing the web, sending emails and creating files. One thing a lot of people forget to do, is think about the maintenance of their computer. At least not until it crashes on them.

You don’t want to leave it that late though! Neglecting your computer care can end up causing a ton of problems in the future, so you should be on the case before any issues arise.

Here’s how you can do that.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t run too many programs at the same time. This will slow down your computer entirely because every page or file that has been left open – your system is putting its attention on it, so if many different things are left open, your computer’s attention is being scattered all over the place. So close anything that doesn’t need to be open.

Delete all unused and unnecessary files regularly

This will give your computer more space to operate quicker and more efficiently. If you imagine being trapped in a room with a bunch of junk all around you, and then told to piece a puzzle together – it’s going to be pretty damn hard. Whereas if the room is clean and spacious, you’ll be able to get the job done a whole lot easier.

The right software

Technology like cloud load balancer helps to improve the way your internet works, by giving you complete control over network traffic before it reaches the datacenter. It can be used for failover, disaster recovery, and load balancing. One great benefit to this software is that it is completely datacenter independent, meaning your infrastructure can be absolutely anywhere.

Keep your computer dust-free and clean

Just like humans, if you breathe in dirt and dust, you won’t feel too good. Well, your computer works the same way. Dust can be sucked into all the different crevices, and that will eventually take its toll on your system. So keep your computer in a safe environment away from dirt, and make sure you give it a wipe down once in awhile to remove any residue.

How to prevent your computer from crashing

Delete cookie files regularly

If your computer’s cookies are enabled, you will begin accumulating them, and that will take a toll on how your computer functions. If you have already disabled cookies, then there won’t be an issue, so you won’t need to keep deleting them as you go. If you don’t disable or delete them, they will keep building up until your computer is filled up with clutter.

Defragment your system regularly

Once or twice a week you should defragment your system. It doesn’t take long at all, unless you’ve never done it before. If that’s the case, you may end up waiting hours for it to be completed. If you’re not familiar with this, it means your system physically organizes all the contents that has been stored on your computer, breaking them up into smaller fragments so your system can manage them easier.