Running a small business is a lot of hard work and the last thing we want to deal with is IT issues. IT problems can be complicated, timely and highly frustrating for those who are not tech-savvy. As a small business, you want your IT to just work, to operate smoothly and with minimal complications so that you can focus on what’s important: your business. 

Some business owners like to try to tackle the issues themselves and learn along the way but this requires time, money and a lot of patience. This is why small businesses should take advantage of companies like who can take away all the stress of your IT needs and allow you to get on with the important things. Having a company that can proactively manage all your IT services and set up all your devices so that everything works seamlessly can be invaluable. 

Lost Data 

Every business owner’s worst nightmare! You come to work in the morning, log on to your system and everything has disappeared. Years of work, files and important information have gone overnight. How did this happen? Accidental deletion, overwriting, malware infection or hardware failure. These are all very real possibilities should you not have your backup system in place and working properly. 

Windows ‘Back Up and Restore’ and Apple’s ‘Time Machine’ services can help you set up automatic assisted backups. Both help you back up all your data to an external hard drive to keep it safe. Another solution is an online Cloud system in which your data is stored off-site on an external server.

Missing System Updates

Both Windows and Mac OS are constantly being updated to improve their systems and fix various bugs. Those updates tend to happen in the early hours of the morning when nobody is in the office and the computers are shut off. Missing updates can result in you and your staff coming in one morning and sitting around for hours whilst everyone waits for their computer to update to the latest software. You could waste an entire morning of a business day, losing you money. 

You can set up reminders within your computer settings on both Windows and Mac so that you never miss an update. 

Slow Computers

As your small business grows so does the amount of information, files, documents and software that you will upload to our computers. The more memory we use, the slower computers become. This can lead to some extremely frustrating times in the office as you impatiently wait for important programs to start up and operate. If your business is dependent on particular programs such as CRM or project management software this can significantly slow down your productivity as a business. 

To improve speed remove any unnecessary programs from your computer that might be slowing it down. Check what large files you have and decide whether you still need them or if you can move them to a Cloud folder instead. 

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