A relationship goes through many phases. It’s one of those things in life that you love nothing more. The feeling of loving someone and them loving you back just as much, if not more. A relationship can be many things, and tough is one of them. It requires work on both sides to get you through. During a relationship, there will be things that are sent to test you. Some couples experience things others don’t. But everyone has their trials and tribulations. 

There are so many milestones that a relationship goes through from one time to the next, and some of them are worth celebrating. Which is why you should celebrate the great things when they happen. We can often be guilty of letting this periods of our relationship simply pass us by. With that in mind, here are some of the common milestones in successful relationships and how you should make the most of them. 

The honeymoon period

The beginning of any relationship is seen as the honeymoon period. The time where you are getting to know one another. Neither of you can do wrong in each other’s eyes. This period is full excitement and the unknown. What will you have in common? What things do they like or dislike? What does the future hold? This is one of the easiest parts of a relationship and something you should never take for granted. The honeymoon period is one of those phases that can pass us by when we don’t realise it. So it’s good advice to ensure that you enjoy the passion and spark. Before you know it a relationship does enter into some routine of sorts. 

Moving in together

After a period of time you may hit the time of your relationship where you wonder where it is going. You may start to wonder if you have a future? Whether this is the one relationship to last. So how can you embrace this part of your relationship? Often at this stage, the couple will move in together. This can bring back an element of the honeymoon period back into your life as you embark on a new journey together. You begin to find out even more about the person. This where you can become very comfortable with one another. You get to know the real person from their little quirks and habits to how they react day to day. There is no option of hiding a part of you away. Again it’s easy to overlook this period but living together, on your own is a novelty. Or will certainly feel like that in the future. Make the most of our time together. 

Getting engaged

Finally! They get down on bended knee and present you with a ring. It’s hard to shop for engagement rings so make sure you bear that in mind. Although let’s face it not many women hate the ring. These days engagement rings with brilliant details are readily available, so whether you have discussed it, or if your partner knows what you want, the ring is bound to br right. This is a chance to be romantic with one another. Talk about your future lives together and make some solid plans for the future. Enjoy this. Don’t let it seem so matter of fact. Engagement is an exciting roller coaster of wedding planning and being a couple. 

Getting married

A huge milestone for any couple is their wedding day. The day you devote yourselves to one another. You make a commitment. Many couples sail through the day and realise it goes far too quickly. So try and not get worked up over the little details and enjoy this day celebrating your love. The wedding day is a pinnacle moment in any relationship, and definitely a day to enjoy. But it isn’t just about the actual day, the whole getting married element is the start of a new chapter in your lives, and a period of time where you really start to appreciate the commitment you have made to one another. 

Starting a family

A last big milestone of any relationship is starting a family. No one can prepare you for it. It can hit you like a tonne of bricks. Not just one of you but both of you. There will be sleepless nights, tears and emotions will run high. Through all the haze savour the moment. This is special. Don’t forget you are a team; you are a couple. You will get through the longest of days I can assure you. 

Let’s hope this helps you get more excited about your relationship. Whatever stage you are at.

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